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Yamaichi CN113-230-000*VE Automotive
Infotainment Module Card Connectors

In recent years, Automobile Infotainment system has become the leading digital device in Automobile market. As the critical interface component in the system, the connector that interacts with Infotainment module cards needs to have reliable and great signal transmission capability under tough Automobile operating environment. Yamaichi CN113-230-000*VE Automotive Infotainment Module Card Connectors offer outstanding connectivity under the harsh conditions in which automobiles operate. CN113-230-000*VE connectors are designed for use with Infotainment Systems that adopt MXM 2.0 Module and Qseven mechanical interface. The series features contacts and screw-down posts designed especially for operating in an automotive environment subjected to constant impact and vibration. These 230-pin 0.5mm pitch connectors support a wide range of signal types including PCI-Express, LVDS, SATA, USB, etc. With its rugged design and impressive signal performance, the CN113-230-000*VE series is ideally suited for the Automotive Infotainment Module interface.

  • Screw-Down posts for securing the connector against impact and vibration
  • Design is compatible with MXM 2.0 Module mechanical interface
  • Specially designed contacts to provide outstanding connectivity under harsh operating environment
  • Support signal types: PCI-Express, LVDS, SATA, USB, etc.

  • Automobile Infotainment System Module Card Connector
  • Certified Qseven Module Connector

  • Automobile Infotainment System Module Card Connector
  • Current per contact: 0.5A max.
  • Voltage Rating: 50VDC 
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C 
  • Durability: 30 cycles
  • Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze 
  • Contact Plating: Gold over Nickel
 CN113-230-000*VE Series Product Performance Test Results

Performance Test
Test Criteria
Check Points
Test Results
 Temp. Cycle Shock 1 Cycle = -40°C (30min) ↔ 85°C (30min), 1,000 Cycle
Contact resistance, Solder Crack  PASS 
 High Temp. 95°C, 1000hrs Contact resistance   PASS
Damp Heat with Electrical Load 85°C 85%RH, 1000hrs
0.5A/Pin(GND), 0.1A/Pin(SIG)
 Contact resistance  PASS
Random Vibration  Random vibration under temp. cycles
Frequency: 12~2000Hz
Direction: X, Y, Z
Temperature: -40°C ~ +80°C Duration: 12hrs x 3direction = 36hrs
Contact resistance, Solder Crack   PASS
Humidity Freeze Cycle   -30°C /1hr → 25°C 90%RH/1hr → Dry 1.5hrs
48cyc (Transition time: 1min MAX.)
 Insulation resistance  PASS
Humid Heat Cyclic  -10°C ↔ 65°C /93%RH 10cyc(1 cycle : 24hrs)  Contact resistance, Insulation resistance   PASS
Mechanical Shock
800m/sec2(80G) 6msec half sine-wave
±X, ±Y, ±Z×3 times (18 times total )
Continuity check with series of all pins
Contact resistance, Solder Crack

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