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Yamaichi Electronics

Yamaichi Electronics develops and manufactures high quality and reliable technology products. Yamaichi's product line includes Test & Burn-In sockets and Production connectors, as well as standard and high density connectors.Visit the Yamaichi Electronics page
 FUS006 Micro / Nano SIM Card Connectors FUS006 Micro / Nano SIM Card Connectors
01/19/2015 -
Features the industry's most compact Nano SIM card connector and 6-/8-pin Micro SIM connectors.
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 AMC Connectors AMC Connectors
08/29/2014 -
The ideal choice for next-generation network equipment.
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 QSFP28 Cable Assemblies QSFP28 Cable Assemblies
08/12/2014 -
4chx28G passive copper cable assemblies designed to support future 100Gbe technology.
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 Y-Con IP67 USB Cable Assemblies Y-Con IP67 USB Cable Assemblies
03/17/2014 -
Connection as USB-A and USB-B can be adapted, exchanged or replaced in the same IP67/IP68/IP69K housing without expensive re-work costs.
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 CN121 Series CFP4 Connectors CN121 Series CFP4 Connectors
02/19/2014 -
Consist of the complete CFP4 component solution, including the host connector, plug connector, host connector cage, cover, and heat sink.
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 HDMI Type E Automotive Grade Connector HDMI Type E Automotive Grade Connector
02/14/2014 -
PKS019 series Automotive Grade Type E HDMI connector offers future infotainment systems an enhanced media entertainment experience with HD image quality and reliable data transmission.
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 CFP2 Series I/O Connectors CFP2 Series I/O Connectors
01/02/2014 -
CFP-MSA compliant solution for next generation 100Gbe Ethernet applications.
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 eQSFP+ Cage Connectors eQSFP+ Cage Connectors
08/23/2013 -
Compatible with existing 10Gbps & 25Gbps QSFP standards.
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 CNU010 Connectors CNU010 Connectors
06/12/2013 -
Yamaichi Electronics CNU010 Series connectors offer the smallest connector size possible for 16-pin 0.4mm pitch design.
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 CAU002 FFC Cables CAU002 FFC Cables
02/25/2013 -
Designed especially for HF601 connector family with a secure tab design for precise mating. Provides reliable signal performance and great transmission stability.
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 Y-SOL4BOX Monopole Junction Box Y-SOL4BOX Monopole Junction Box
02/22/2013 -
Offers low profile and optional industry standard connector or over-molded interface for design freedom over junction box position and cable assembly length. UL 600V Approved.
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 Y-Sol4 F.A.T. Connectors Y-Sol4 F.A.T. Connectors
02/20/2013 -
Reduces field assembly time. Designed to handle high voltage requirements (maximum voltage 1,000V TUV). Ideal for high output PV panel modules.
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 HF201 Series Automotive Connectors HF201 Series Automotive Connectors
11/07/2012 -
Designed for high frequency applications up to 2.5 GHz and coaxial cables up to 50Ω.
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 HF507/HF509 Series FFC/FPC Connectors HF507/HF509 Series FFC/FPC Connectors
09/20/2012 -
Offers high speed data rates up to 5Gbps, 100ΩM differential impedance, and high EMI protection due to shielding.
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 Y-CON Ethernet & Telecom Connectors Y-CON Ethernet & Telecom Connectors
09/06/2012 -
Features a variety of locks, covers, plugs, and jacks that offer industrial grade connection.
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 CN113-230-000*VE Infotainment Module Card Connectors CN113-230-000*VE Infotainment Module Card Connectors
08/29/2012 -
Supports a wide range of signal types including PCI-Express, LVDS, SATA, USB.
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 Super-Low Profile SIM Card Reader and Tray Connector Super-Low Profile SIM Card Reader and Tray Connector
08/29/2012 -
1.42mm max. profile; designed for applications where the SIM card must be changed frequently or easily accessible wo/opening the housing.
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 Ultra High-Speed SFP+ Connectors Ultra High-Speed SFP+ Connectors
08/28/2012 -
Data performance rates up to 16 Gbps.
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 eQSFP+ Connectors eQSFP+ Connectors
08/27/2012 -
Provide high-bandwidth speeds of 25G and 28G per InfiniBand EDR and OIF CEI-28G.
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 HF601 Series Flip-Lock FFC/FPC Connectors HF601 Series Flip-Lock FFC/FPC Connectors
07/23/2012 -
Super-low 2mm profile height; Flip-Type FFC / FPC Connector with ZIF technology.
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 CFP Optical Transceiver Connectors CFP Optical Transceiver Connectors
10/11/2011 -
CFP compliant high-speed pluggable connector supports 40G/100G data transmission rates; meets IEEE 802.3ba specification.
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 QFP IC Sockets QFP IC Sockets
10/11/2011 -
Designed to fit most standard semiconductors models; does not require changing the PC-board layout after the testing stage.
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 Test & Burn-in Sockets Test & Burn-in Sockets
10/11/2011 -
Industry's most comprehensive range of Test & Burn-in Sockets to meet challenging design specifications.
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