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Vishay Siliconix 600-650V E Series High Performance MOSFETs

Vishay Siliconix 500-650V E Series
High Performance MOSFETs

Vishay Siliconix's E Series High Performance MOSFETs are 500V and 650V Super Junction N-Channel Power MOSFETs with a 30% reduction in specific On-Resistance versus the S Series MOSFETs. These E Series High Performance MOSFETs feature low on-resistance (RDS(on)), low input capacitance (Ciss), reduced capacitive switching losses, ultra-low gate charge (Qg), low cost, simple gate drive circuitry, low figure of merit (FOM: RDS(on) x Qg)and fast switching. Typical applications for Vishay Siliconix E Series High Performance MOSFETs include server and telecom power supplies, lighting, industrial, battery chargers, renewable energy and SMPS.

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  • Optimal Design
    • Low on-resistance (RDS(on))
    • Low input capacitance (Ciss)
    • Reduced capacitive switching losses
    • Ultra-low gate charge (Qg)
  • Optimal efficiency and operation
    • Low cost
    • Simple gate drive circuitry
    • Low figure of merit (FOM): RDS(on) x Qg
    • Fast switching
  • Server and telecom power supplies - SMPS

        • HID (high-intensity discharge)
        • LED lighting
        • Fluorescent ballast lighting
  • Industrial - Welding, induction heating, motor drives
  • Battery Chargers
  • Renewable Energy - Solar (PV inverters)
  • SMPS - Power factor correction (PFC)

Part NumberPackage / CaseVds - Drain-Source Breakdown VoltageId - Continuous Drain CurrentRds On - Drain-Source ResistanceQg - Gate ChargePd - Power DissipationData Sheet

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E-Series 500V and 650V High Performance MOSFETs Product Training Video

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