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Vishay TrenchFET® Gen III P-Channel MOSFETs
Vishay TrenchFET® Gen III P-Channel MOSFETs

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Vishay TrenchFET® Gen III P-Channel MOSFETs

Vishay Siliconix TrenchFET® Gen III P-Channel MOSFETs feature the newest generation of p-channel silicon technology, enabling these devices to provide industry-best on-resistance specifications, such as 1.9 milliohms in the PowerPAK® SO-8. With on-resistance as low as half the level of the next best devices on the market, Vishay Siliconix TrenchFET Gen III P-Channel power MOSFETs provide lower conduction losses for higher efficiency and longer time between charges for battery-operated applications. These Vishay Siliconix devices offer a full range of package options, including the 1.6-mm by 1.6-mm PowerPAK® SC-75. The new 20V SiA433EDJ TrenchFET Gen III P-Channel MOSFET provides the lowest on-resistance ever achieved for a p-channel device in the compact 2-mm by 2-mm footprint area of the thermally enhanced PowerPAK SC-70. The SiA433EDJ is the only 20-V MOSFET with both a gate-source voltage of 12 V and an on-resistance rating at 1.8 V. This allows it to be used in applications that encounter higher gate-drive voltage variation due to surges, spikes, noise, or overvoltages, while providing safer designs in applications with smaller input voltages.

  • Reduced on-resistance up to 45% for p-channel devices
  • Provides lower conduction losses, saving power
  • Longer time between charges for battery powered applications
  • Greener use of power
  • Variety of package sizes, from PowerPAK® SO-8 down to 1.6 mm x 1.6 mm PowerPAK® SC-75
  • Breakdown voltage: 12V to 30V
  • Battery switches, adapter and load switches for notebooks, laptops, and netbooks
  • Load switches for charging circuits and handheld devices such as smart phones, PDAs, MP3players, digital cameras and camcorders
  • Load switches and hot swapping for industrial products
Part NumberPackage / CaseVds - Drain-Source Breakdown VoltageId - Continuous Drain CurrentRds On - Drain-Source ResistanceQg - Gate ChargePd - Power DissipationData Sheet

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