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Vishay VLMx1500 Ultrabright 0402 ChipLEDs

Vishay VLMx1500 Ultrabright 0402 ChipLEDs

Vishay VLMx1500 Ultrabright 0402 ChipLEDs have been designed in the smallest SMD package, with one of the industry's thinnest profiles at 0.35mm high. This innovative 0402 ChipLED technology opens the way to smaller products of higher performance, more design in flexibility, and enhanced applications. These LEDs feature a super-thin profile and high luminous intensity, are offered in five colors, including white, and are compatible with IR reflow soldering. The VLMx1500 Ultrabright 0402 ChipLED is an ideal solution for small-scale, high brightness products that are expected to work reliably in an arduous environment.

  • Super thin ChipLED with exceptional brightness: 1.0 x 0.5 x 0.35mm (L x W x H)
  • High luminous intensity: up to 180mcd for a 0402 case
  • High reliability PCB based
  • High efficient AllnGaP and InGaN technology
  • Compatible to IR reflow soldering
  • Preconditioning: according to JEDEC level 2a

White LED Applications
  • Telecommunication: indicator and backlighting in telephone and fax
  • Backlighting for audio and video equipment
  • Backlighting in office equipment
  • Indoor and outdoor message boards
  • Flat backlight for LCDs, switches, and symbols
Color LED Applications
  • Backlight keypads
  • Navigation systems
  • Cellular phone displays
  • Displays for industrial control systems
  • Miniaturized color effects
  • Traffic displays
Part Number Datasheet Illumination
Dominant Wavelength /
Color Temperature
Max. Luminous
Cool White 7000K 180mcd
VLMB1500-GS08 Blue 470 - 475nm 45mcd
VLMG1500-GS08 Yellow Green 571nm 35mcd
VLMO1500-GS08 Soft Orange 605nm 90mcd
VLMS1500-GS08 Super Red 631nm 54mcd
VLMY1500-GS08 Yellow 587 - 597nm 180mcd

Package Dimensions in mm

Package Dimensions

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