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TriQuint TQP2451/53 Power Amplifier Modules

TriQuint TQP2451/53 Power Amplifier Modules

TriQuint's TQP2451/53 Power Amplifier Modules are fully integrated surface mount three-stage Power Amplifier Modules that are ideally suited for small cell base station applications with 1W RMS at the antenna. Each module is internally matched to 50Ω input and output and requires minimal external components. These modules are very compact and offer a much smaller footprint than traditional discrete component solutions. These power amplifier modules incorporate a Doherty final stage delivering high power added efficiency of 38% for the TQP2451 and 35% for the TQP2453 over the entire module at 2.5W average power. Each device supports multi-mode and multi-carrier signals and includes InGaP/GaAs HBT device technology to provide a combination of high efficiency and DPD friendliness.

  • TQP2451 - 1930-1995MHz
  • TQP2453 - 1805-1885MHz
  • 2.5W RMS Output Power
  • Integrated Doherty Final Stage
  • Three Stage Power Added Efficiency
    • TQP2451 - 38%
    • TQP2453 - 35%
  • 50Ω Input / Output
  • Power Gain
    • TQP2451 - 35.2dB
    • TQP2453 - 33.6dB
  • Peak Power: 20W
  • Package Dimensions: 20x20x1.5mm
  • 100% DC and RF tested
  • Small Cell BTS
  • 3G/4G Wireless infrastructure
  • Linearized Transmitter
  • Heterogeneous Networks
  • Macro BTS Driver Amplifier

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