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TriQuint TQC9305 Digitally Controlled Variable Gain Amplifier (DVGA)

TriQuint TQC9305 Digitally Controlled Variable
Gain Amplifier (DVGA)

TriQuint's TQC9305 Digitally Controlled Variable Gain Amplifier (DVGA) has a broadband frequency range of 700 to 3600MHz. The DVGA features high linearity and low noise while providing digital variable gain with a 31dB of range in 1dB steps through a serial mode control interface. At 1.9GHz, the DVGA typically provides 13dB gain, +40dBm OIP3, +23dBm P1dB and 3.1dB noise figure. This combination of performance parameters makes the DVGA ideal for receiver applications requiring gain control with high IIP3 and low noise figure. In addition, the DVGA integrates a shut-down biasing capability to allow for easy operation for TDD applications. The TQC9305 integrates a high performance digital step attenuator followed by a high linearity, broadband gain block. Both stages are internally matched to 50Ohms and do not require any external matching components.

  • Integrates DSA + Amp Functionality
  • 0.7 - 3.6GHz Broadband Performance
  • 5-bit control, 31dB range
  • 13dB Gain at 1.9GHz
  • 3.1dB Noise Figure at max gain setting
  • +23dBm P1dB
  • +27dBm IIP3, +40dBm OIP3
  • Integrated on-chip matching, 50ohm in/out
  • Integrated shutdown control for TDD compatibility
  • +5V Supply Voltage, 3.3V TTL logic compatible
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • TDD or FDD systems
  • General Purpose Wireless
Block Diagram
Block Diagram
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