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Molex EdgeLine® Connectors

Molex EdgeLine® Low-profile Connectors support up to 25 Gbps data rates and are available in multiple orientations and PCB thicknesses from 1.57mm to 3.18mm for use in high-speed transmissions and high-density signal applications. The product line's one-piece solutions are cost effective as they are only required when a peripheral interface or upgrade card is populated. EdgeLine includes a customizable card-edge interface to enable designers to specify first-mate, last-break designations as well as shorter stubs for high-speed communications. The EdgeLine family delivers a low-cost, flexible and scalable solution for low-to-mid range telecom, computing and storage applications.

Features and Benefits

High-speed differential contact design

Provides excellent signal integrity; performance up to 25 Gbps, depending upon the application

Multiple PCB thicknesses (1.57 to 3.18mm)

Accommodates a variety of PCB thicknesses on complex product designs

Press-fit, compliant-pin terminal design

Easy board termination using flat-rock tooling

Cost-effective stitched terminal

Accommodates various signal and power requirements

Common or singulated ground

Optimizes connector for power and slow-speed, single-ended signals in addition to high-speed differential circuits

Center key available on certain circuit sizes

Improves PCB alignment during mating by relaxing board tolerances up to 0.80mm pitch

Multiple circuit sizes available

Design flexibility for signal and power assignment

Low-profile heights: CoPlanar Connector 6.40mm above PCB; CoEdge Connector 3.50mm above and below PCB

Enhanced air flow and thermal management

Keying and locking features available (0.80mm pitch CoEdge Connectors only)

Secures the connector to the PCB and improves board alignment during mating

Secondary locking options available (0.80mm pitch CoEdge Connectors only)

Prevents accidental unmating and prevents PCB from backing out of connector

Electrical Specifications
  • Voltage (max.):
    • EdgeLine 25 Connectors: 250V AC
    • EdgeLine CoEdge Connectors: 240 VAC
    • EdgeLine CoPlanar Connectors: 50 VAC (RMS)/DC
    • EdgeLine (ESP) Connectors: 250V AC(RMS)/DC
    • EdgeLine Edge Card Connectors: 250V AC
  • Current (max.):
    • EdgeLine 25 Connector: 1.52A
    • EdgeLine CoEdge Connector: 1.0A
    • EdgeLine CoPlanar Connector: 1.5A
    • EdgeLine (ESP) Connector: 30A
    • EdgeLine Edge Card Connectors: 1.5A
  • Contact Resistance (max.): 10 milliohms
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 300V AC
  • Insulation Resistance (min.): 10 Megohms

Physical Specifications
  • Housing: Glass Filled Thermoplastic, 94-VO, Black
  • Contact: Copper (Cu) Alloy
  • Plating
    • Contact Area: 0.76μmGold (Au) min.
    • Solder Tail Area: 0.76μm to 1.52μmTin (Sn)
    • Underplating: —1.27μmNickel (Ni) min.
  • PCB Thickness: 1.58mm min.
  • Operating Temperature:
    • EdgeLine 25 Connector: -40°C to +105°C
    • EdgeLine CoEdge Connector: -55°C to +85°C
    • EdgeLine CoPlanar Connector: -40°C TO +85C
    • EdgeLine (ESP) Connector: -40°C to +105°C
    • EdgeLine Edge Card Connectors: -40°C to +105°C

Mechanical Specifications
  • Durability: 200 cycles(mating cycles max.)
  • Telecommunications hardware
  • Storage
  • Networking equipment
    • Computing systems
    • PCIe
    • SAS
    • SATA
    • Storage systems
High End Servers

EdgeLine Tools

These EdgeLine Handtools include both insertion and removal tools for specific Edgeline Connectors.

View all EdgeLine Tools

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