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Phoenix Contact Hand Tools


Phoenix Contact Hand Tools offer solutions for cutting, stripping, and crimping for many applications. Each tool series is constructed using high-quality components and raw materials. These hand tools feature an ergonomic handle designed for natural hand posture and fatigue-free work. In addition, Phoenix Contact Hand Tools have easily interchangeable cable guides, dies and blades. All non-wearable parts are covered with lifetime warranty.

  • Durability: constructed from high-quality components and raw materials
  • Ergonomic handle design provides for natural hand posture and fatigue free work
  • Easily interchangeable cable guides, dies and blades
  • Lifetime warranty on non-wearable parts


Phoenix Contact CRIMPFOX N series features permanent dies and an additional cutting and stripping die for complete wire processing. When insertion into the handle of the tool, the Phoenix Contact CRIMPFOX-WF die provides additional cutting and stripping capabilities.

  • Precise processing with specific profile geometries
  • Easy follow through ratchet release and releasable pressure lock
  • Optimum transfer of force requires minimal manual force
  • Marked die station
  • Stripping capability up to 6.0 mm² (10 AWG)
  • Additional cutting and stripping die for complete process of cable with one tool


CUTFOX cutting tools feature durability, optimum leverage, and an ergonomic design.

  • Inductively hardened blades for long-term stable cutting performance
  • VDE-tested cutting tools made from special high-grade tool steel


MICROFOX tools are high-quality tools for precision work in electronics and electrical engineering.

  • Ergonomically designed two-component handles for fatigue-proof and non-slip use
  • Opening spring for uniform, smooth opening
  • Through-connected joint for permanent stability and optimum distribution of force
  • Made from special high-grade tool steel
  • Mirror-polished and oiled metal surfaces, which provide maximum rust protection


WIREFOX stripping tools are for conductors with various types of insulation and cross sections

  • Flexible, adjustable limit stop for the stripping length
  • Practical integrated wire cutter
  • WIREFOX stripping pliers feature an automatic adjustment mechanism for a wide range of different types of insulation and conductor diameters


Phoenix Contact continues the expansion of its hand tools with the release of the Right Angle Wirefox.

  • Right angled for ergonomical comfort
  • Durable: Tested for 150,000 strip cycles
  • Adjustable for wire diameter (+ is for larger, - is for smaller)
  • Adjustable sliding gauge for strip length
  • Non-slip ergonomic two-component handles
  • Stripping blades are estimated for 25,000 cycles and are replaceable
  • Wire cutting feature
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