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Switchcraft, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of broad lines of switches and connectors (audio/video, circular, power, RF, USB, cable) for the audio, video, telecommunications, computer, medical, appliance, military, transportation, and instrumentation industries. Since 1946, Switchcraft has been setting industry standards throughout their superior product lines. As a global-minded manufacturer, Switchcraft meets ISO 9001 standards and its products meet UL, CSA, VDE, Semko, Demko, Nemko, SETI, SEV, Mil-Spec and IP68 standards.Visit the Switchcraft page
 EH Series RJ45 IDC Connectors EH Series RJ45 IDC Connectors
01/06/2015 -
Meets TIA/EIA-568-B.2 standards and features IDC panel terminals for easy field installation.
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 Sealed 10A Power Jacks Sealed 10A Power Jacks
10/10/2014 -
Feature up to 13A current rating (carry) and up to 24V AC/DC.
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 Sealed Button Switches Sealed Button Switches
08/08/2014 -
Suitable for any application where weather-tight/waterproof switches are required.
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 Sealed XLR Connectors Sealed XLR Connectors
07/14/2014 -
Ideal for applications where the connectors are likely to be exposed to rain or moisture.
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 RMAS1 Mic Splitters RMAS1 Mic Splitters
07/01/2014 -
A passive 3-way transformer isolated microphone splitter ideal for sending a single balanced audio input to 3 unique destinations.
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 AudioStix AudioStix
07/01/2014 -
Switchcraft AudioStix can be used as stand-alone adapters, rear mounted into Switchcraft modular QGPK Series rack panels, or permanently installed into any number of custom racks and wall plates.
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 A/V Boxes A/V Boxes
07/01/2014 -
Switchcraft A/V Boxes are perfect for a wide variety of audio applications.
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 EH TQG Panel Mount Connectors EH TQG Panel Mount Connectors
06/25/2014 -
Available as male and female in the same housing size, simplifying installation and modification.
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 DE Panel Mount XLR Connectors DE Panel Mount XLR Connectors
12/05/2013 -
Rugged metal construction, both male and female versions utilize the same size housing, enabling simple installation and modification.
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 High Amperage Jacks and Plugs High Amperage Jacks and Plugs
04/26/2013 -
Current rating of up to 11A (carry) or 24VDC.
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 EN2® Weathertight Connectors EN2® Weathertight Connectors
04/23/2013 -
Harsh environment connectors that meet enclosure rating IP68 and NEMA 250 and feature a patented grommet and o-ring free design.
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 DC Power Jacks and Plugs DC Power Jacks and Plugs
04/05/2013 -
Wide variety of options available, including pin size, sealed, high amperage, and sealed options.
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 CONXALL Harsh Environment Connectors CONXALL Harsh Environment Connectors
03/19/2013 -
Harsh Environment Connectors utilize a separate o-ring and meets NEMA 6P when mated.
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 EN3 Series Right Angle PCB Receptacles - EXPANSION EN3 Series Right Angle PCB Receptacles - EXPANSION
11/27/2012 -
Right Angle PCB Receptacles designed to mate with EN3 Series IP66, 68 Sealed Circular Connectors.
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 EN3 Right-Angle Weathertight Connectors EN3 Right-Angle Weathertight Connectors
05/01/2012 -
Only IP68 rated right angle PCB mount connector on the market.
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 700 Series A/V Direct Box 700 Series A/V Direct Box
03/05/2012 -
Custom transformer; converts audio equipment output to balanced, mic levels signals.
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