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Supertex HV9971 LED Driver ICs

Supertex HV9971 LED Driver ICs

Supertex HV9971 isolated, constant-current LED driver ICs provide a current accuracy of ±3%, achieving tight regulation of an LED current. HV9971 peak-current mode PWM ICs control constant current output of a discontinuous conduction mode flyback converter. This Supertex LED driver enables solid-state lighting fixtures to meet UL compliance for galvanic isolation. It accepts AC input voltages of 80 to 264V and is optimized for operation at a constant frequency of 100kHz. This Supertex device maintains current accuracy while the IC is insensitive to external component tolerances and does not require an optocoupler. HV9771 LED driver ICs are ideally suited for driving high-brightness LEDs.

  • Programmable true constant current operation
  • ±3% LED current accuracy
  • Adaptive to external component tolerances and parasitics
  • Primary-side current sensing
  • Output open circuit protection
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Input under voltage lockout
  • PWM dimming / enable
  • Universal 80-264VAC operation
  • Fixed frequency operation
  • Complies with UL requirements; easy design
  • No optocoupler required; reduced circuit cost and size
  • Versatile, one design for worldwide use
  • Simple controls to adjust LED brightness
  • High-Brightness LEDs
  • Low Power Lighting Fixtures
Block Diagram
Block Diagram

Typical Application Circuit

Typical Application Circuit
  • Supertex
  • Optoelectronics|Drivers|LEDs|Semiconductors|Integrated Circuits