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Microchip HV9803 LED Driver IC

Microchip HV9803 LED Driver IC

The Microchip HV9803 LED Driver IC is an open loop average-mode current control LED driver IC operating in a constant off-time mode. The Microchip HV9803 LED Driver IC features ±2% current accuracy, tight line and load regulation of the LED current without any need for loop compensation or high-side current sensing. Its auto-zero circuit cancels the effect of both the input offset voltage and the propagation delay in the current sense comparator. The HV9803 can be powered from a 7.0~13.2V supply. The IC features fast PWM dimming response. The linear dimming input LD can accept a reference voltage up to 2.5V. The IC is equipped with a current limit comparator for hiccup-mode output short circuit protection. It also features a programmable input under-voltage shutdown.

  • Fast average current control
  • Correction for propagation delay and offset voltage
  • Fixed off-time switching mode
  • Linear dimming input
  • PWM dimming input
  • Output short circuit protection with
    programmable skip mode
  • Input under-voltage shutdown
  • SOIC-8 Package
  • Backlighting of LCD Panels
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