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STMicroelectronics LETxx RF Power Transistors

STMicroelectronics LETxx RF Power Transistors are a common source N-Channel enhancement-mode lateral field-effect RF power transistor. The LETxx RF Power Transistors are based on the new advanced STH5P LDMOS technology and are targeted for operation up to 2.0 GHz. These STMicroelectronics LET9x RF Power Transistors are specifically designed for 28 V (cellular base stations) and 32/36 V (avionics) applications. The LETxx RF Power Transistors have a significant improvement in terms of RF performance (+3 dB gain, +15% efficiency), ruggedness and reliability makes this new product line ideal in applications such as private mobile radio, government communications, avionics systems and L-band satellite uplink equipment.

  • High breakdown voltage: BVDSS > 80V
  • Operating voltage: up to 36V
  • Operating frequency: up to 2GHz
  • Capable of delivering an output power > 150W @ 32V
  • Load mismatch: 20:1 all phases
  • Enhanced efficiency, gain and power saturation
  • Excellent thermal behavior
  • High ruggedness
  • Improved reliability
  • Government wideband communications
  • Avionics and radar systems
  • Cellular repeaters
  • Basestations
  • L-band satellite communications
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