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STMicroelectronics Sensitive High Tj TRIAC

The STMicroelectronics sensitive high Tj TRIAC product line features the first TRIAC switch 10mA gate sensitivity to be specified for operation up to 150º C without derating, enabling low-cost solutions for heaters, motors, and other small appliances through savings in heat sinks, gate-driver power supply, and snubber circuitry. These STMicroelectronics high - temperature sensitive TRIAC s include the T410H , T610H , T810H , and T1010H (rated for maximum currents of 4A, 6A, 8A, and 10A, respectively). These STMicroelectronics sensitive high Tj TRIACs feature a low gate current of 10mA that allows direct logic-level switching of the TRIAC , saves component count, maintains high dynamic performance, and ensures specified minimal commutation and 75V/microsecond noise immunity at up to 150º C. The new T30xxH is rated for 30A max current.

  • Medium current TRIAC
  • Logic level sensitive TRIAC
  • 150 ºC max. Tj turn-off commutation
  • Clip bounding
  • RoHS (2002/95/EC) compliant package
  • The T410H , T610H , T810H , and T1010H are designed for the control of AC
    actuators in appliances and industrial systems
  • The multi-port drive of the microcontroller can control the the multiple loads
    of such appliances and systems through this sensitive gate TRIAC

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