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STMicroelectronics Power MOSFET Transistors

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STMicroelectronics Power MOSFETs

STMicroelectronics offers a variety of new high-performance N-channel power MOSFETs. The STmicroelectronics STD8N65M5 and STP8N65M5 are N-channel 650V, 0.56Ω, 7A MDmesh™ V power MOSFETs. The STD8N65M5 comes in a DPAK package while the STP8N65M5 comes in a TO-220. The STL17N3LLH6 is an N-channel 30V, 17A STripFET™ VI DeepGATE power MOSFET that exhibits the lowest on-resistance in a standard package. The STMicroelectronics STL85N6F3 N-channel, 60V STripFET™ 2 power MOSFET shows extremely high packing density for low on resistance, rugged avalanche characteristics, and low gate charge. The STP34NM60N N-channel second generation MDmesh MOSFET features low input capacitance and gate charge, making it suitable for the most demanding high efficiency converters.

STD8N65M5/STP8N65M5 Features
  • Worldwide best RDS(on) * area
  • Higher VDSS rating
  • High dv/dt capability
  • Excellent switching performance
  • Easy to drive
  • 100% avalanche tested
STL17N3LLH6 Features
  • RDS(on) * Qg industry benchmark
  • Extremely low on-resistance RDS(on)
  • High avalanche ruggedness
  • Low gate drive power losses
  • Very low switching gate charge
STP34NM60N Features
  • 100% avalanche tested
  • Low input capacitance and gate charge
  • Low gate input resistance

STL85N6F3 Features
  • Extremely low on-resistance RDS(on)
  • 100% avalanche tested

  • Switching applications
Part NumberPackage / CaseTransistor PolarityVds - Drain-Source Breakdown VoltageId - Continuous Drain CurrentRds On - Drain-Source ResistancePd - Power DissipationData Sheet
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