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STMicroelectronics LPS25H MEMS Pressure Sensor

STMicroelectronics LPS25H MEMS Pressure Sensor

STMicroelectronics LPS25H MEMS Pressure Sensor is an ultra compact absolute piezoresistive pressure sensor. It includes a monolithic sensing element and an IC interface able to take the information from the sensing element and to provide a digital signal to the external world. The sensing element consists of a suspended membrane realized inside a single mono-silicon substrate. It is able to detect the absolute pressure and is manufactured with a dedicated process developed by ST. The membrane is very small compared to the traditionally built silicon micromachined membranes. Membrane breakage is prevented by an intrinsic mechanical stopper. The IC interface is manufactured using a standard CMOS process that allows a high level of integration to design a dedicated circuit which is trimmed to better match the sensing element characteristics.

  • 260 to 1260hPa absolute pressure range
  • High-resolution mode: 1Pa RMS
  • Low power consumption:
    • Low resolution mode: 4μA
    • High resolution mode: 25μA
  • High overpressure capability: 20x full scale
  • Embedded temperature compensation
  • Embedded 24-bit ADC
  • Selectable ODR from 1Hz to 25Hz
  • SPI and I2C interfaces
  • Embedded FIFO

  • Supply voltage: 1.7 to 3.6V
  • High shock survivability: 10,000g
  • Small and thin package
  • ECOPACK® lead-free compliant

  • Applications
    • Altimeter and barometer for portable devices
    • GPS applications
    • Weather Station Equipment
    • Sport Watches
Block Diagram
Block Diagram
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