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STMicroelectronics L6480 Microstepping Motor Driver

STMicroelectronics L6480 Microstepping Motor Driver

STMicroelectronics L6480 Microstepping Motor Driver is an advanced fully integrated solution suitable for driving two-phase bipolar stepper motors with microstepping. It integrates a dual full bridge gate driver for N-channel MOSFET power stages with embedded non-dissipative overcurrent protection. With a unique voltage driving mode which compensates for BEMF, bus voltage and motor winding variations, the microstepping of a true 1/128-step resolution is achieved. The digital control core can generate user defined motion profiles with acceleration, deceleration, speed or target position easily programmed through a dedicated register set. A very rich set of protections (thermal, low bus voltage, overcurrent and motor stall) make the L6480 “bullet proof”, as required by the most demanding motor control applications.

  • Operating voltage: 7.5 V - 85 V
  • Dual full bridge gate driver for N-channel MOSFETs
  • Fully programmable gate driving
  • Embedded Miller clamp function
  • Programmable speed profile
  • Up to 1/128 microstepping
  • Sensorless stall detection
  • Integrated voltage regulators

  • SPI interface
  • Low quiescent standby currents
  • Programmable non-dissipative overcurrent protection
  • Overtemperature protection

  • Bipolar stepper motor
Block Diagram

EVAL6480H Demonstration Board

STMicroelectronics EVAL6480H Demonstration Board is a high power microstepping motor driver demonstration board. In combination with the STEVAL-PCC009V2 communication board and the evaluation software, the board allows the user to investigate all the features of the L6480 device. In particular, the board can be used to check the voltage mode driving and to regulate the L6480 parameters in order to fit the application requirements. The EVAL6480H supports the daisy chain configuration making it suitable for the evaluation of the L6480 in multi-motor applications.

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EVAL6480H Product Info
STMicroelectronics EVAL6480H Demonstration Board
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  • Voltage range from 10.5 V to 85 V
  • Low Rds(ON)MOSFETs in DPAK package
  • SPI with daisy chain feature

  • FLAG and BUSY LED indicators
  • Adjustable supply voltage compensation
  • Flexible supply voltage management
  • STMicroelectronics
  • Power Management
  • Semiconductors|Integrated Circuits|IC-Power Management