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MAXIM Integrated

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

Maxim's ability to integrate the right features into ICs enables PLC designers to reduce system cost, power demands, and overall footprint while providing the accuracy and reliability needed for industrial measurements.
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PLCs Analog Input - ADCs PLCs Analog Input - ADCs PLCs Analog Input - Buffers PLCs Analog Input - Digital Potentiometers PLCs Analog Input - ESD/Signal Protection PLCs Analog Input - Isolated Power Supply PLCs Analog Input - Multiplexer PLCs Analog Input - Operational/Intrumentation Amplifiers PLCs Analog Input - Precision Resistors PLCs Analog Input - Switched Capacitor Filters PLCs Analog Input - Thermal Management PLCs Analog Input - Voltage Monitors PLCs Analog Input - Voltage References PLCs Analog Output - DACs PLCs Analog Output - DACs PLCs Analog Output - Demultiplexers PLCs Analog Output - Digital Potentimeters PLCs Analog Output - ESD/Signal Protection PLCs Analog Output - HART Modem PLCs Analog Output - Hot-Swap Controller PLCs Analog Output - Isolated Power Supply PLCs Analog Output - Precision Resistors PLCs Analog Output - Switched Capacitor Filters PLC Analog Output - Thermal Management PLCs Analog Output - Voltage Monitors PLCs Analog Output - Voltage Reference PLCs Analog Output - Voltage/Current PLCs Analog Output - Voltage/Current
PLCs - Analog Input PLCs - Analog Output PLCs - Controller/Secure Microcontrollers PLCs - Digital I/O PLCs - Digital I/O PLCs - Fieldbus PLCs - ISPF
PLCs Controller/Secure Microcontroller - Audio AmplifierPLCs Controller/Secure Microcontroller - BacklightPLCs Controller/Secure Microcontroller - Battery BackupPLCs Controller/Secure Microcontroller - ClockPLCs Controller/Secure Microntroller - Display DriversPLCs Controller/Secure Microcontroller - Hot-Swap ControllerPLCs Controller/Secure Microcontroller - Isolated Power SupplyPLCs Controller/Secure Microcontroller - MicrocontrollersPLCs Controller/Secure Microcontroller - Security ManagerPLCs Controller/Secure Microcontroller - Switch DebouncerPLCs Controller/Secure Microntroller - Thermal ManagementPLCs Controller/Secure Microcontroller - Universal Serial Bus (USB)PLCs Controller/Secure Microcontroller - Secure AuthenticationPLCs Controller/Secure Microcontroller - Voltage MonitorsPLCs Controller/Secure Microcontroller - Watchdog Timer Reset ICs
PLCs Digital I/O - CAN PLCs Digital I/O - Comparators PLCs Digital I/O - Controller PLCs Digital I/O - Digital Inputs PLCs Digital I/O - Digital Outputs PLCs Digital I/O - Hot-Swap Controller PLCs Digital I/O - IO-Link PLCs Digital I/O - Isolated Power Supply PLCs Digital I/O - Power Line Communications PLCs Digital I/O - Switch Debouncer PLCs Digital I/O - Thermal Management PLCs Digital I/O - UART PLCs Digital I/O - Voltage Monitors PLCs Digital I/O - Wireless
PLCs Fieldbus - CAN PLCs Fieldbus - Fault Protection PLCs Fieldbus - Hot-Swap Controller PLCs Fieldbus - Isolated Power Supply PLCs Fieldbus - Isolation PLCs Fieldbus - LVDS PLCs Fieldbus - PROFIBUS PLCs Fiueldbus - RS-232 PLCs Fieldbus - RS-485 PLCs Feildbus - Termination PLCs Fieldbus - UART PLCs Fieldbus - Voltage Monitors PLCs Fieldbus - RS-485
PLCs ISPF - Backup Battery Management PLCs ISPF - Current Limiter PLCs ISPF - DC-DC Power PLCs ISPF - Digital Potentiometer PLCs ISPF - Hot-Swap Controller PLCs ISPF - Isolated Field Power PLCs ISPF - Isolated Inpout/Output (I/O) Power PLCs ISPF - Isolated Input/Output (I/O) Power PLCs ISPF - Isolated Interface Power PLCs ISPF - Overvoltage Protection PLCs ISPF - Pushbutton Controller PLCs ISPF - Precision Resistors PLCs ISPF - Thermal Management PLCs ISPF - Voltage Monitors
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