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SEGGER J-Link Ultra+

SEGGER J-Link Ultra+

SEGGER J-Link Ultra+ is closely based on the ultra fast J-Link Ultra, but also incorporates all available software add-on modules within the hardware. In addition to the regular J-Link Ultra package, J-Link Ultra+ includes J-Flash ARM, J-Link FlashBP, and a J-Link RDI Software add-on license. By adding licenses for all J-Link related software packages to J-Link Ultra, the developer receives access to an unlimited number of breakpoints in flash memory, production grade flash programming, and compatibility with all popular tool-chains including GDB and RDI based tool-chains for ARM and Renesas RX cores.

J-Link Ultra+ offers download speeds of up to 1.5Mb/sec, allowing the already fast algorithms for flash programming from SEGGER to operate with significantly improved speed. This unsurpassed speed, together with the ease of use, fast and free flash loaders, unlimited flash breakpoints, and compatibility with all tool-chains, combine to make J-Link Ultra+ an easy choice for developers using ARM and RX cores.

As with all J-Link models, the J-Link Ultra+ comes with SEGGER's ultra fast flash programming algorithms, allowing download into external CFI-compliant flashes as well as the internal flash of all common microcontrollers.

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Included Software Modules
  • J-Flash ARM (Model 8.08.02) PC software
    • Runs on Windows systems: Windows 2000 and later
    • Enables user to program the internal and external flash of the microcontroller via J-Link
  • J-Link FlashBP (Model 8.08.04)
    • SEGGER's exclusive Flash breakpoint technology
    • Permits user to set unlimited number of breakpoints even if application program is located
      in Flash memory, thereby utilizing debugging environment to its fullest
  • J-Link RDI (Model 8.08.03) Software add-on license
    • Makes it possible to use J-Link with any RDI compliant debugger
  • License for GDB Server
  • License for J-Link FlashDL
  • SEGGER Microcontroller
  • Development Tools|Embedded Solutions