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ROHM Ultra Compact MOSFETs & Bipolar Transistors

ROHM Ultra Compact MOSFETs & Bipolar Transistors

ROHM Semiconductor Ultra Compact MOSFETs & Bipolar Transistors have the smallest transistor package on the market which is optimized for thin, compact portable devices. The VML0806 case type measures just 0.8mm×0.6mm, with a height of only 0.36mm. As portable devices, such as smartphones and digital cameras get smaller and more sophisticated, thinner, more compact components are required. Until now, problems related to internal element miniaturization, bonding stability, package process accuracy, and surface mount technology limit the smallest conventional transistors to the 1006 size (1.0mm×0.6mm, t=0.37mm). ROHM was able to overcome these challenges by utilizing a smaller element and high-precision package process technology, resulting in an unprecedentedly compact form factor.

  • Industry-small size minimizes mounting area
  • Compared to the smallest conventional small-signal transistor available (1212 size: 1.2mm×1.2mm, t=0.50mm), mounting area is reduced 67% and thickness 28%

  • Bottom-terminal design supports high-density mounting
  • Reduced MOSFET ON resistance
  • Low ON resistance (2.6Ω)is enabled in an ultra-compact form factor
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