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Powercast Lifetime Power® Energy Harvesting Development Kit

Complete Dev Kit for Battery-Free, Wireless Applications

The Powercast Lifetime Power® Energy Harvesting Development Kit for Wireless Sensors is a complete demonstration and development platform for creating battery-free wireless sensor applications powered by RF energy. This Powercast kit features a Microchip Technology PIC® MCU with XLP (eXtreme Low Power) Technology and includes an RF transmitter, RF energy harvesting receiver boards and antennas, wireless sensor boards, and more.

The wireless sensor boards of the Powercast Lifetime Power Energy Harvesting Development Kit are powered by the P2110 Powerharvester Receiver, which converts RF energy into DC power. In this kit, the TX91501 transmitter is the source of RF energy (915MHz), but other RF sources from 850-950 MHz can also be used for power. The communication from the sensor boards to the access point is 2.4GHz using 802.15.4-compliant radios. No batteries are needed to power the wireless sensor board. RF energy is converted into DC and stored in a capacitor.

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Lifetime Power Energy Harvesting Kit Contents

The kit includes an RF transmitter, RF energy harvesting receiver boards and antennas, wireless sensor boards, a PIC® MCU-based development board and radio, and a programming tool.

Power and Data Transmitter
3-watt, 915 MHz transmitter for power and data with integrated 8dBi antenna and two power jacks. Sends a pre-programmed transmitter ID that is received by the P2110 Powerharvester component and is decoded by the MCU on the Wireless Sensor Board
P2110 Evaluation Board
Evaluation board (Rev. B) for P2110 Powerharvester Receiver. This board has an SMA connector to connect the antennas and a 10-pin connector for the Wireless Sensor Board
Patch antenna
915MHz directional antenna with 120-degree reception pattern (included with the P2110 evaluation board)
2Dipole antenna

915MHz omni-directional antenna with 360-degree reception (included with the P2110 evaluation board)
2Wireless Sensor Board
Sensor for Temp/Humidity/Light and an external input. Plugs into P2110 evaluation board, and sends data to the access point (Microchip 16-bit XLP Development Board)
1Microchip 16-bit XLP Development Board
Development platform featuring Microchip’s PIC24F MCU that is preprogrammed to operate as an access point for receiving data from the Wireless Sensor Boards. USB cable included in box.
1Microchip MRF24J40 PICtail / PICtail Plus Daughter Board
2.4GHz, IEEE 802.15.4 radio that plugs into the 16-bit XLP Development Board for receiving data from the Wireless Sensor Boards
PICkit™ 3 programmer / debugger
Programming tool for updating code on the Wireless Sensor Boards and the 16-bit XLP Development Board. USB cable included in package.

Powercast P2110 915 MHz RF Powerharvester Receiver

The Powercast 2110 Powerharvester Receiver is an RF energy harvesting device that converts RF to DC. The Powercast P2110 receiver is housed in a compact SMD package and provides RF energy harvesting and power management for battery-free, micro-power devices. The Powercast P2110 converts RF energy to DC and stores it in a capacitor. When a charge threshold on the capacitor is achieved, the P2110 Powerharvester Receiver boosts the voltage to the set output voltage level and enables the voltage output. When the charge on the capacitor declines to the low voltage threshold the voltage output is turned off. This Powercast Powerharvester Receiver is ideal for use in battery-free wireless sensors, wireless triggers, and low power electronics.

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Powercast P2110-EVB P2110 Powerharvester Evaluation Board

The P2110-EVB contains an evaluation board and antennas to test and develop with the P2110 Powerharvester Receiver. The P2110 converts RF energy (radio waves) into DC power and stores it in a capacitor to provide an intermittent, regulated voltage output.

  • Contains P2110 Powerharvester to provide pulsed-power for battery-free devices or charging batteries
  • Configurable, regulated output voltage up to 5.25V
  • Center frequency: 915 MHz, harvesting range: 850-950 MHz
  • Includes two capacitors for charge storage
  • LED for simple visual verification of operation

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Also Available Separately
  • Powercast Power and Data Transmitter: TX91501-3W-ID
  • Microchip 16-bit XLP Development Board: DM240311
  • Microchip MRF24J40 PICtail / PICtail Plus Daughter Board: AC164134-1
  • Microchip PICkit™ 3 programmer / debugger: PG164130

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