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Analog Devices AD8451 Precision Analog Front-End & Controller

Analog Devices AD8451 Precision
Analog Front-End & Controller

Analog Devices AD8451 Precision Analog Front-End & Controller is designed as a low-cost precision analog front end and controller for testing and monitoring battery cells. AD8451's precision fixed gain instrumentation amplifier (IA) measures the battery charge/discharge current, and a fixed gain difference amplifier (DA) measures the battery voltage. Internal laser trimmed resistor networks set the gains for the IA and the DA, optimizing the performance of the AD8451 over the rated temperature range. The IA gain is 26 and the DA gain is 0.8. Voltages at the ISET and VSET inputs set the desired constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) values. AD8451's CC to CV switching is automatic and transparent to the system. A TTL logic level input, MODE, selects the charge or discharge mode (high for charge, low for discharge). An analog output, VCTRL, interfaces directly with the Analog Devices ADP1972 PWM controller. AD8451 simplifies designs by providing excellent accuracy, performance over temperature, flexibility with functionality, and overall reliability in a space-saving package. Available in an 80-lead, 14mm × 14mm × 1mm LQFP package and rated for an operating temperature of −40°C to +85°C, AD8451 is ideal for battery cell formation & testing and battery module testing.

  • Integrated constant current and voltage modes with automatic switchover
  • Charge and discharge modes
  • Precision voltage and current measurement
  • Integrated precision control feedback blocks
  • Precision interface to PWM or linear power converters
  • Fixed gain settings
    • Current sense gain: 26V/V (typ)
    • Voltage sense gain: 0.8V/V (typ)
  • Excellent AC and DC performance
  • Maximum offset voltage drift: 0.9μV/°C
  • Maximum gain drift: 3 ppm/°C
  • Low current sense amplifier input voltage noise: >9nV/√Hz typ.
  • Current sense CMRR: 108dB min.
  • TTL compliant logic

  • Battery cell formation and testing
  • Battery module testing
Functional Block Diagram
Analog Devices AD8451 Functional Block Diagram
AD8451 Pin Configuration
AD8451 Pin Configuration
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