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Parallax Board of Education Products
Board of Education Products combine the integrated multicore microcontroller and Arduino platform programming for simple prototyping and learning the basics of electronics, programming and robotics.

Board of Education

Parallax Board Of Education ( BOE ) is a versatile, low-cost development platform designed for those interested in learning and using any of Parallax's 24-pin BASIC Stamp® microcontroller modules (not included). Its compact size, convenient features, and low price make it an ideal tool for the student and educator. For educators, the BOE provides a clean, efficient platform for Parallax Stamps in Class Parts and Text Kits, or any Parallax BASIC Stamp-based curriculum. Also available in USB.

USB Board of Education

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Board of Education Propeller

The form of the original Board of Education© meets the powerful function of the multicore Propeller™ microcontroller. A built-in set of peripherals makes it ready to support an amazing array of projects, prototypes, hands-on activities, and kits. The Propeller Board of Education is ideal for learning the basics of electronics, programming and robotics. It also simplifies advanced applications that require RF-linked communication, audio/visual peripherals, and gigabytes of SD memory. The Board of Education with the integrated multicore Propeller microcontroller make for a powerful platform for simple prototyping and learning the basics of electronics, programming and robotics.

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Board of Education Shield

Parallax Board of Education Shield plugs into any Arduino® module (not included) to give it the useful features and form factor of the original Board of Education®. This shield makes circuit prototyping simple and convenient with a 2 row x 17 column breadboard. Headers along the side, top, and bottom provide easy access to supply voltages and the Arduino module's digital I/O and analog inputs. The Board of Education Shield's four corner mounting holes and servo ports make it compatible with the Boe-Bot robot chassis, continuous rotation servos, and many sensors and accessories from Parallax. The 3-position power switch allows power to be turned on in stages, first to the power header above the breadboard, and then to any servos plugged into the ports. This is especially useful for cutting servo power to monitor sensors on the breadboard while keeping motors from moving. This board also has a RESET button for restarting the program and pass-through headers for stacking more shields on top. The Board of Education Shield for Arduino takes the same simple approach to prototyping and combines it with the proven Arduino platforms for those who prefer Arduino programming.

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Robotics Shield Kit

The Board of Education Robotics Shield Kit plugs into an Arduino (not included) and mounts on the popular Boe-Bot robot chassis. With this kit and an Arduino module, it is easy to follow the Robotics with the Board of Education Shield for Arduino lessons, which has over 40 hands-on activities. The original Robotics with the Boe-Bot text for the BASIC Stamp® microcontroller has enjoyed worldwide popularity with teachers and hobbyists, and has been translated into seven languages.

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