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Panasonic PGS Thermal Graphite Sheets

Panasonic PGS Thermal Graphite Sheets

Panasonic Pyrolytic Highly Oriented Graphite Sheet (PGS) is made of graphite with a structure close to a single crystal. Produced from polymeric film using a head de-composition process, the hexagonal crystal structure of graphite is arranged uniformly in a horizontal 2D structure.

PGS Structure



  • 10µm to 100µm thick
  • 700 to 1950W/m.K thermal conductivity
  • Two to five times higher than copper and up to seven times better than aluminum

Comparison of thermal conductivity [a-b plane]
PGS Thermal Comparison
Coefficient of thermal conductivity (W/m*K)
  • 2mm bend radius - sheets can be bent through 180 degrees more than 3000 times 
  • No impact to thermal conductivity if sharp folds are avoided
  • Stable material resistant to environmental effects and shows no deterioration with age
  • PGS can provide shielding to electromagnetic noise, providing a simultaneous EMI and thermal solution10µm to 100µm thick

a-b plane (KEC method)
a-b plane (K-C method)


Usage and Results

PGS film is used to transfer heat away from a heat source, or to diffuse or spread heat away from a hot spot (A>B).
Thermal Transfer

It can also be used as a highly-efficient thermal interface material.
PGS Thermal Interface

The efficacy of PGS in reducing IC hot spot temperatures is demonstrated here. The temperatures at the ABS (Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol) surface, the IC and the PCB are shown for two different 70µm thick PGS sheet sizes.

Application Example of PGS (Simulation with heat)

PGS Example


Heat can be transferred away from an IC (LED) to the casing in a camera design, reducing the heat sinking required.
PGS Transfer Example 1

When applied in an IGBT or switching FET module, PGS acts as a thermal interface, reducing the thermal contact resistance and thermal soaking required.


Standard PGS Types

Standard PGS Type

Standard PGS Types

High Heat Resistance PGS Types
  • Panasonic