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Panasonic Semiconductors LEDs

Panasonic Lamp Type LEDs

Panasonic LN Series Lamp Type LEDs are available in square or round lens styles in five color variations: Red, Amber/Yellow, Green, Orange, and Blue. With a variety of lens options and a low power consumption, these high output LEDs are perfect for usage in a wide range of applications, from home appliances to digital signage.

Learn more about Panasonic LN Series Lamp Type LEDs.

Panasonic Semiconductors Surface Mount LEDs

Panasonic Semiconductors Surface Mount LEDs are available in a variety of packages and colors. Available packages and types include 0402, 0603, PLCC2, PLCC4, 1005, SS, USS, UTSS, SV, ESS II, and 3528. Panasonic Semiconductors Surface Mount LEDs are available in the following color options: white, red, yellow green, green, amber, orange, and blue.

Part Number Datasheet Illumination Color Dominant Wavelength Luminous Intensity Package Type
LNJ047X8ARA Datasheet
White - 50mcd 0402 1005
LNJ247W82RA Datasheet Red 630nm 16mcd 0402 1005
LNJ252W82RA Datasheet Red 630nm 25mcd - SV
LNJ308G8TRA Datasheet Yellow Green 565nm 5.0mcd 0603 SS
LNJ326W83RA Datasheet Yellow Green 575nm 18mcd 0603 UTSS
LNJ347W83RA Datasheet Green 575nm 13mcd 0402 1005
LNJ426W83RA Datasheet Amber 595nm 35mcd 0603 UTSS
LNJ826W83RA Datasheet Orange 620nm 19mcd 0603 UTSS
LNJ826W86RA Datasheet Soft Orange 605nm 16.9mcd 0603 UTSS
LNJ847W83RA Datasheet Orange 620nm 30mcd 0402 1005
LNJ847W86RA Datasheet Soft Orange 605nm 30mcd 0402 1005
LNJ853W83RA Datasheet Orange 620nm 17mcd - SV
LNJ853W86RA Datasheet Soft Orange 605nm 9.0mcd - SV
LNJ926W8CRA Datasheet Blue 470nm 11.5mcd 0603 UTSS
LNJ937W8CRA Datasheet Blue 472nm 17mcd 0603 ESS II
LNJ947W8CRA Datasheet Blue 472nm 18mcd 0402 1005
LNJ953W8CRA Datasheet Blue 470nm 10mcd - SV
LNJ8L4C18RAA Datasheet Red 617nm 1130mcd PLCC4 3528
LNJ8L4C28RAA Datasheet Red 617nm 1810mcd PLCC4 3528
LNJ8L4C38RA Datasheet Red 623 nm 2800 mcd PLCC4 3528
LNJ8L6C18RA Datasheet Red 623 nm 7600 mcd PLCC6 3533

Panasonic Semiconductors Dual-Color LEDs

Panasonic Dual-Color LEDs feature an ultra-small, surface mount, 1310 package and are available in three color combinations. These devices provide part consolidation for board space savings and efficient light output, making them ideal for mobile applications. The dual-color combinations of red/blue, red/green, and red/pure green are suitable for use in cell phone/tablet, amusement, and general indicator applications.

Part NumberData SheetIllumination ColorLuminous IntensityWavelength/Color Temperature

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