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Panasonic MN101L Resistive RAM Embedded 8-bit MCUs

Panasonic MN101L Resistive RAM Embedded 8-bit MCUs

Panasonic MN101L Resistive RAM (ReRAM) Embedded 8-bit MCUs are industry-leading, low-power microcomputers delivering enhanced processing performance, 50% lower power consumption, and over 5 times faster rewriting than flash memory or EEPROM. Featuring a small ROM code size of an 8-bit microcomputer, MN101L is based on a 16-bit microcomputer core with alterable (3 or 4) stage pipeline. The device provides improved processing performance for memory access instruction by reviewing the pipeline and 16-bit data by using a 16-bit bus. With the low-power consumption ReRAM, shorter processing time and voltage control by high-performance CPU, and leakage current reduction of new fabrication process, MN101L reduces power consumption by 50% compared to the existing Flash microcomputer. Unlike flash memory or EEPROM, MN101L does not require a data erase to provide over 5 times faster rewriting rate. This design makes the Panasonic's MN101L ReRAM Embedded 8-bit MCUs ideally suited for portable healthcare, security, and sensor equipment.

  • Industry's 1st sampling MCU with built-in Resistive RAM (ReRAM)
  • Industry-leading low power operation (less than 4µW in low-speed active mode.*
  • High-speed rewriting, 5 times faster than conventional flash-based MCU
  • Low RTC Mode Consumption (less than 0.4µA)
  • Industry leading 8-bit Microcontroller Performance-Consumption Ratio with:
    • Low voltage operation: read @0.9V: write @1.8V
    • High write-cycle endurance: program area: 1k cycles / data area: 100k cycles
    • 10 times faster read/write than Flash (3usec/byte)
    • No more need for sector erase, erase and rewrite memory at byte level
  • Portable healthcare equipment (blood pressure monitor, activity monitor, etc.)
  • Security equipment (fire alarm, etc.)
  • Sensor equipment (temperature and humidity sensor , motion sensor , etc.)
Enhanced Processing Performance
Panasonic MN101L Enhanced Processing

50% Lower Power Consumption with ReRAM and High-performance CPU
Panasonic MN101L 50% Lower Power Consumption with ReRAM and High-performance CPU

Fast Rewriting
Panasonic MN101L Fast Rewriting

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*In Nonvolatile memory incorporation microcomputer
- Active mode: 32kHz-500kHz as of May 15, 2012 according to Panasonic's research.

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