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Panasonic AN440 Stepping Motor Drivers

Panasonic AN440 Stepping Motor Drivers

Panasonic AN440 Stepping Motor Drivers are dual channel H-bridge drivers which can control microstepping bipolar stepping motors with a single chip. Panasonic AN440 Stepping Motor Drivers have a low Ron FET which increases the efficiency of the driver and reduces the power consumption. The driver also uses a special circuit to minimize EMI generation, and also uses OCP, UVLO, and TSD for internal protection of the IC.

  • Ron: 0.8 Ohms
  • High Current
  • Motor current accuracy: ±5% minimum
  • Low EMI
  • Up to 2W1-2 Phase Excitation
  • Printer copiers
  • Medical equipment
  • Factory Automation
  • Robots
  • Scanners
Part No.
Package Maximum
Current (A)
Voltage (V)
PWM Freq.
Interface Datasheet
AN44063A-VF SSOP-32 0.8 16-34 26/52 Parallel
AN44065A-VF SOP-28 1.5 18-28 29/58 -
AN44066A-VF SSOP-32 0.8 10-34 26/52 Parallel
AN44067A-VF HSOP-56 2.5 37 29.8/55.6/104 Clock
AN44069A-VF SOP-28 1.5 37 26/52 Parallel
AN44071A-VF SOP-56 1.7 10-34 - Clock
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  • Motion Control
  • Semiconductors|Driver ICs