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Panasonic Electronic Components AN3x Series LED Matrix Drivers

Panasonic Electronic Components AN3x Series LED Matrix Drivers

Panasonic Electronic Components AN3x Series LED Matrix Drivers are high resolution, 256-step LED matrix drivers with built-in lighting effects. Each of these drivers is a single chip solution which can drive from 3 to 288 single color LEDs or from 1 to 96 RBD LEDs. With automatic LED lighting effect control over an I²C/SPI interface, it's easy to implement special lighting effects with minimum software control. This reduces the total operation current of the LED array.

  • 256 step Fade-In/Fade-Out control
  • Automatic Luminance Controller (ALC)
  • Music synchronization
  • Firefly lighting effect
  • Scroll function
  • I²C/SPI interface
  • Minimal software control required
  • Frees up processor for other tasks
  • Pre-configured lighting schemes
  • Creates beautiful, colorful displays
  • Portable electronics
  • Mobile phones
  • Computers
  • Gaming
  • Home appliances
  • LED indicators
  • Keyboard/keypad backlighting
  • LED matrix displays
  • Ambient LED lighting
Part Number Datasheet Number
of LEDs
Supply Voltage
AN30259C-PR Datasheet 12 3.6V 0.186W WLCSP-12
AN32051A-PB Datasheet 16 3.6V 0.706W WLCSP-35
AN32054B-PB Datasheet 119 4.9V 0.932W WLCSP-50
AN32055A-PB Datasheet 49 4.9V 0.837W WLCSP-80
AN32058A-VB Datasheet 49 4.9V 1.392W QFN-44
AN32150B-PR Datasheet 49 4.5V 0.833W WLCSP-55
AN32151A-PR Datasheet 49 4.9V 0.585W WLCSP-49
AN32155A-PB Datasheet 12 3.6V 0.507W WLCSP-12
AN32180A-VB Datasheet 16 3.6V 0.529W QFN-16
AN32181B-VB Datasheet 144 3.6V 0.569W QFN-28
AN32183A-VF Datasheet 81 3.6V 0.74W SSOP-24
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