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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors OSTAR®-Lighting LED Emitter


Truly bright - different shades of white

The OSRAM OSTAR®-Lighting LED emitter delivers the advantages of high illumination and optical power along with design flexibility and top-of-the-line reliability. The OSTAR-Lighting device generates the brightest white achievable with up to 1000 lumens at 1000 mA. This OSRAM device is a pure surface emitter with true Lambertian radiation characteristics that allow for effective light coupling into optics. The hexagonally-shaped LED emitter is available with four or six chips for greater design flexibility and can be ordered without a lens for use with optics. It provides low thermal resistance, a long product lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, and is ideal for architectural lighting and as a replacement for low voltage incandescent lamps.

Optical Characteristics

Advantages: With the power of the new OSTAR-Lighting, you will be amazed at the advantages it offers.

  • Illumination power - The OSTAR-Lighting generates high luminous intensity. The brightest white can be achieved with up to 1000 lm @ 1000 mA. It is available in the full white color temperature range.
  • Optical power - The new OSTAR-Lighting is a pure surface emitter, characterized by true Lambertian radiation characteristics. This allows for effective light coupling into optics.
  • High flexibility - The OSTAR-Lighting offers you the greatest design flexibility, because it is available with four or six chips. It can also be ordered without a lens for use with optics. The hexagonal shape enables tight packing density. In addition, the package has small dimensions and a low height of less than 7 mm.
  • Best Reliability - The OSTAR-Lighting is very reliable due to its long product lifetime (up to 50,000 hours depending on operating conditions) and low thermal resistance.

Features: The new OSTAR-Lighting has so much power that you won't believe your eyes.

  • Hexagonal shape with holes for precise adjustment of external optics.
  • Pure white is achieved by chip level conversion, simplifying the use of optics and lenses.
  • Integrated primary lens with Lambertian beam shape.
  • The OSTAR-Lighting is characterized by low thermal resistance < 4 K/W and high max. forward current.
  • The package comes with high ESD protection > 2 kV.
  • Simple assembly with screws or springs using locating features
  • Electrical connection: Soldering of wires on solder pads or use of spring types.
  • The OSTAR-Lighting is lead (Pb) free and RoHS compliant.

Applications: The new OSTAR-Lighting proves its power in the following applications:

  • Architectural
    Design and effect lighting
    Room lighting
    Spot lights
  • Replacement of low voltage incandescent lamps
    Table lamps
    Torch lights
    Under cabinet lighting

Application Notes

General application note. appnote1

OSTAR mounting guidelines. appnote2

LED street lighting. appnote3

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