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Osram Matchbox Demo

Osram Matchbox Demo

Osram Matchbox Demo with intelligent proximity sensing showcases the SFH 7770 E6, a two-in-one digital ambient light and proximity sensor, and small high efficiency infrared emitters. The small but powerful demo has eight different functions; 1”, 4” and 6” Proximity Sensor, Slide Switch, Rotary Sensor, Wave Sensor, Touch Sensor and Ambient Light Sensor.


  • Proximity sensing: (1”, 4” & 6”) Place hand over indicator LED at respective distance for on. Remove hand for off.
  • Slide: Slide finger across the two indicator LEDs for on. Slide finger across in the opposite direction for off.
  • Rotary: Rotate finger counter clockwise around the three indicator LEDs to increase brightness. Rotate finger clockwise to reduce brightness.
  • Touch: Tap indicator LED to turn on/off. Hold finger down to increase/ decrease brightness.
  • Wave: Wave hand left- right- left once for on. Wave a second time for off.
  • Ambient Light Sensor: Ambient light will increase brightness. The reduction of ambient light will decrease brightness.

Matchbox Demo: Intelligent Proximity Sensing

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