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Olimex OLinuXino-MAXI Single-Board Linux Computer

Olimex OLinuXino-MAXI Single-Board Linux Computer

Olimex OLinuXino-MAXI Single-Board Linux Computer is an open source software and hardware, low cost Linux industrial grade single board computer. It is powered by, and enables code development of applications running on, the Freescale i.MX233 Application Processor. The iMX233-OLinuXino uses the ARM926J processor running on 454Mhz with 64MB of RAM memory. OLinuXino is a ready-to-use, easy to set-up board suitable for embedded programming enthusiasts, Linux hobbyists, gadget fans, and professionals. The main features of the board are its processor speed and its mobility. Because OLINUXINO is completely open source--including hardware and software--users have access to all CAD files and sources and can reuse them for personal or commercial projects. There are no restrictions to the manufacturing and selling of this board for personal use or resale.

Also available! Olimex OLinuXino-MICRO Single Board Linux Computer

  • iMX233 ARM926J processor at 454Mhz
  • 64MB RAM
  • SD-card connector for booting the Linux image
  • TV PAL/NTSC video output
  • 2 USB High Speed hosts
  • Ethernet 100Mb
  • Stereo audio input
  • Stereo headphones audio output
  • Two buttons
  • UEXT connector for connection of different peripheral modules
  • 40-pin GPIO for connection to external hardware
  • PCB dimensions: 3.70" x 2.15" W x H (94.0mm x 54.6mm)
  • Nominal dimensions: 3.70" x 2.65" W x H (94.0mm x 67.3mm)
  • General embedded software development
  • 3D rep-rap printer controller including
    G-code interpreter
  • Low cost PLC running open source PLC programming languages
  • Home automation
Board Components & Layout

Board Components & Layout

Physical Dimensions

Physical Dimensions

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