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NASCENTechnology 95092-97 Flyback Transformers

NEW! NASCENTechnology has expanded the 95xxx High Voltage Flyback Transformer series to include the 95092-97 series high-temperature, high-voltage Flyback Transformers designed especially for high-voltage boost converter applications where a high output voltage and current must be supplied in order to quickly charge a high voltage storage capacitor in an elevated temperature environment. The monolithic ceramic Flyback Transformers from Nascent are available in a leadless package with side terminations and operating temperature range from -55ºC to +250ºC.  These surface mount devices also offer low profile (<2.5mm), switching frequency to 300kHz, and can charge 120nF to 1000V in <40ms.

NASCENTechnology 95xxx Series High Voltage Flyback Transformers feature low profile, rugged package, and self shielding transformers for triggering or signaling applications. 95xxx Series High Voltage Flyback Transformers use low temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) ferrite. The monolithic structure of 95xxx Series High Voltage Flyback Transformers affords improved mechanical strength over traditional transformer technology. 

View the 95xxx Series High Voltage Flyback Transformers

  • 1:8 turns ratio
  • Low profile < 2.5mm
  • Low volume < 230 cu mm
  • Light weight 1.1gm
  • Surface mount with side terminations
  • Switching frequency to 300kHz
  • Can charge 120nF to 1000V in <40ms
  • High voltage boost converters
  • NASCENTechnology
  • Passive Components|Audio & Signal Transformers