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Murata NTC Thermistors

Murata´s NTC Thermistors use semi-conductive ceramic and electrode printing techniques to form a temperature sensor with negative temperature characteristics; that is, its resistant values decrease as ambient temperatures rise. Using an excellent material in the heat response, Murata 's NTC Thermistors are used widely for temperature detection devices for inrush current protection and temperature compensation in electronics such as mobile devices, secondary batteries, and automobiles. Murata offers a variety of thermistor products for the demands of many applications.

Murata NCP

Murata NCP Thermistors have nickel barrier termination, provide excellent solderability and offer high stability in environment due to unique inner construction. Refow soldering is possible and NCP Thermistors are lead free. Applications for Murata's NCP Thermistors include automotive, circuits for ETC equipment, engine control units, and motor driving circuits. Murata's NCP Thermistors are used for temperature sensors and compensation.

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Murata NTP

Murata NTP Thermistors are used for for inrush current suppression, and effectively supresse surge currents which are generated when switching power regulators are turned on. Murata NTP Thermistors are highly reliable with excellent recovery characteristics due to resin coating with excellent heat characteristics. Applications include switching power supplies, CRT monitors, color televisions and VCR-power supplies.

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Murata NTS

Murata's NTS Thermistor is a sensor type NTC Thermistor useful in the normal temperature range developed by the unique ceramic technology and automatic assembly. Murata's NTS Thermistor features a high accuracy of +/-1% , qhick response time, and strong lead strength. Applications for Murata's NTS Thermistor include rechargeable batteries, battery charging circuits, printer heads, and home appliances.

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Murata NXFT

Murata NXFT Series Thermo-String Long Lead NTC Thermistors monitor the temperature of hard to reach areas. The long leads (up to 100mm) allow the head of the thermistor to be situated away from the PCB or motherboard, close to the hot spots. The EIA 0402 case size NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermistors operate in the temperature range of -40ºC to +125ºC. Flexible coated lead wires enable simplified wiring in tight areas. Murata NXFT Series Thermo-String Long Lead NTC Thermistors are ideal for temperature compensation for transistor, IC, and crystal oscillators in portable devices, LCDs, and general use electric circuits, as well as a temperature sensor for rechargable batteries. The Murata NXFT Series is recognized by UL/cUL (UL1434, File no. E137188).

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