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DLP Series Common Mode Chokes
EMI suppression for differential signal lines

NEW PRODUCT! DLP11TB supports SuperSpeed USB 3.0 demands!

The Murata DLP Series SMD Common Mode Chokes are for high-speed and ultra-high-speed differential signal lines such as USB, LVDS/IEEE1394, etc. The chip type DLP Series provides EMI suppression in case sizes 03025, 0504, 0804, and 1206. The Murata DLP Series SMD Common Mode Chokes are useful in a number of applications, such as cellular baseband+CPU, interface, power supply units, display panel, audio circuit, remote controllers, and inverters.

NEW! Murata has expanded its DLP Series Common Mode Chokes to include the DLP11TB, a 1210 size chip-type common mode choke coil designed to address the unique noise issues of higher frequencies of USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed) devices. The Murata DLP11TB matches the characteristic impedance of the 90Ω USB3.0 standard. The Murata DLP11TB Common Mode Choke utilizes micromachining technology using thin film processes to successfully boost the cut-off frequency in the transmission characteristics (Sdd21) of the choke coils from the cut-off frequency featured by previous series to a high 8 GHz or more, enabling SuperSpeed signals to be transmitted.
Signal Transmission Characteristics

Murata DLP Series Common Mode Chokes
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Part Number Case Size Datasheet Common Mode Impedance (100MHz/20ºC) Rated Current Rated Voltage Insulation Resistance (min.) Withstand Voltage DC Resistance Operating Temperature Range Circuits
Supports USB 3.0
0504 80ohm±25% 100mA 5Vdc 100M ohm 12.5Vdc 1.5ohm±25% -40°C to +85°C
DLP0NSN670HL2L 3025

67ohm±20% 110mA 5Vdc
100M ohm
2.4ohm±25% 1
DLP0NSN900HL2L 90ohm±20% 100mA 3.0ohm±25%
DLP0NSN121HL2L 120ohm±20% 90mA 3.8ohm±25%
DLP11SN670SL2L 0504

67ohm±20% 180mA 5Vdc
100M ohm 12.5Vdc
1.3ohm±25% 1
DLP11SN121SL2L 0504 120ohm±20% 140mA 100M ohm 2.0ohm±25%
DLP11SN161SL2L 0504 160ohm±20% 120mA 100M ohm 2.7ohm±25%
DLP11SN900HL2L 0504 90ohm±20% 150mA 100M ohm 1.5ohm±25%
DLP11SN201HL2L 0504 200ohm±20% 110mA 100M ohm 3.1ohm±25%
DLP11SN241HL2L 0504 240ohm±20% 100mA 100M ohm 3.5ohm±25%
DLP11SN281HL2L 0504 280ohm±20% 90mA 100M ohm 4.2ohm±25%
DLP11SN331HL2L 0504 330ohm±20% 80mA 100M ohm 4.9ohm±25%
DLP11SA350HL2L 0504 35ohm±20% 170mA 100M ohm 0.9ohm±25%
DLP11SA670HL2L 0504 67ohm±20% 150mA 100M ohm 1.2ohm±25%
DLP11SA900HL2L 0504 90ohm±20% 150mA 100M ohm 1.4ohm±25%
200M ohm
3.5 Ohms
DLP2ADN670HL4L 0804
67ohm±20% 140mA 5Vdc
100M ohm
1.625ohm 2
DLP2ADN900HL4L 0804 90ohm±20% 130mA 2.125ohm
DLP2ADN121HL4L 0804 120ohm±20% 120mA 2.5ohm
DLP2ADN161HL4L 0804 160ohm±20% 100mA 3.125ohm
DLP2ADN201HL4L 0804 200ohm±20% 90mA 4.0ohm
DLP2ADN241HL4L 0804 240ohm±20% 80mA 4.75ohm
DLP2ADN281HL4L 0804 280ohm±20% 80mA 5.75ohm
DLP31DN900ML4L 1206
90ohm±20% 160mA 10Vdc
100M ohm
1.1ohmmax. 2
DLP31DN131ML4L 1206 130ohm±20% 120mA 1.6ohmmax.
DLP31DN201ML4L 1206 200ohm±20% 100mA 2.2ohmmax.
DLP31DN321ML4L 1206 320ohm±20% 80mA 3.5ohmmax.
DLP31DN441ML4B 1206 440ohm±20% 70mA 4.3ohmmax.

70mA 4.3ohms
DLP31DN900SL4 1206 90ohm±20% 160mA 1.1ohms
DLP31SN121ML2L 1206
120ohm±20% 100mA
100M ohm
2.0ohmmax. 1
DLP31SN221ML2B 1206 120ohm±20% 2.0ohmmax. 2
DLP31SN221ML2L 1206 220ohm±20% 2.5ohmmax. 1
DLP31SN551ML2L 1206 550ohm±20% 3.6ohmmax. 1
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