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Murata MAGICSTRAP RFID Tag devices are tiny and robust modules for RFID tags. The UHF RFID modules provide an ideal solution for product traceability when mounted on a printed circuit board. These Murata UHF RFID modules use the board traces as an antenna for the transponder. Once the UHF RFID module is mounted, information can be stored and retrieved on MAGICSTRAP devices using any EPCglobal Gen2 / ISO 18000-6C compatible UHF reader/writer. These LXMS devices are ideal for use in telecom, automotive, and computer applications, as well as other designs in which an onboard RFID transponder is needed. Murata's HF RFID tag is approximately 1/10 the size of a conventional tag. Using multi-layer technology, Murata HF RFID Modules are fully compliant ISO15693 devices that can be adapted to a wide range of objects. These Murata HF modules feature an RF antenna embedded within the device.

Only RFID chip with antenna matching circuitry included
Murata LXMS MAGICSTRAP RFID Modules: Key Features

Murata MAGICSTRAP RFID Modules with I²C Interface

Murata MAGICSTRAP is an innovative RFID module with I²C interface as well as various RF features that incorporates an industry standard IC. NXP's UCODE I²C technology enables wired communications between the RFID tag chip and processor for rapid, zero-power configuration of modules.

  • Compliant to EPC Global Class1 Gen2
  • Ultra small package (2.5 x 2.0 x 1.0mm max)
  • Supports both US (902MHz-928MHz) and EU (865-868MHz) frequency range with single design
  • I²C interface allows read/write capability from its built-in memory
  • Fully compatible with conventional SMT equipment and reflow process
  • 100% green material for RoHS compliance
  • Internal 3.3kbit user memory

I²C Interface Block Diagram
I²C Interface Block Diagram


The Murata LXMS31 Series MAGICSTRAP UHF RFID Module uses an NXP SL3ICS1x02 Smart Label and Tag IC as the controller. Learn more about the NXP SL3ICS1x02 Smart Label and Tag ICs.

  • Supports wide frequency range from 865MHz to 955MHz
  • Impedance transformation function for more accurate matching with various antenna designs
  • 4 different variants available, which allow perfect matching to antenna impedance
  • Both conductive material & non-conductive material can be used for connection to antenna.
  • Wide mechanical mounting tolerance for assembly into RFID tag or inlay
  • High ESD protection function
  • Compliant to EPC Global Class1 Gen2
  • Ultra small package
  • Operating temperature -40ºC ~ +85ºC
  • 100% green material for RoHS compliance

  • Telecom equipment
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Computer / Servers
  • EMS / Contract

Block Diagram
Block Diagram

Murata LXMS33 MAGICSTRAP with Embedded Antenna

Murata LXMS33HCNG-134 MAGICSTRAP Module is a small-sized HF band RFID IC with an embedded antenna. This Murata module complies with the ISO15693 standard and can be used globally with high-performance results, even in small form factor designs. The device also offers 896-bit user memory. This LXMS33 RFID IC comes in an ultra-miniature 3.2 x 3.2 x 0.7mm package that has a robust design that is resistant to high-temperature, high-humidity environmental conditions.

  • RF antenna embedded within the tag
  • Conventional HF tag design
  • Easy to implement since no external antenna design required
  • ISO 15693 compliant
  • Read range: 15mm (200mW output power, 37 x 54mm antenna)
  • Can be attached to wide range of objects

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