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Murata LXDC Series Micro DC-DC Converters

LXDC Overview

Murata's LXDC Series Micro DC-DC Converters are small power modules that utilize a unique ferrite substrate with an embedded power inductor and incorporate the I/O capacitors onto the same package. Ultra-compact size and superior noise suppression make these devices ideal for cellular and smart phones and tablets, wearable devices, communication applications, portable products, and any noise sensitive applications. Modular concept also means easy adoption, performance assurance.

LXDC Buck Converters

LXDC Buck Converters

Murata LXDC Series Micro DC-DC Converters include numerous buck converters. LXDC2XQ is suitable for space-limited or noise-sensitive applications. LXDC55K and LXDC55F are designed to meet demands for a smaller footprint, lower EMI noise, and higher energy savings. LXDC3EP has a small footprint using an inductor-embedded ferrite substrate. LXDC2UR offers low EMI noise and a small footprint using an inductor-embedded ferrite substrate. LXDC2HL is designed to reduce board space, counter EMI noise, and conserve energy. LXDC2HN is low power and is suitable for space-limited or noise-sensitive applications. LSDC2HN has a resin top coat for easy handling in factory assembly.

  • Smaller Size
  • Lower Noise
  • Reduction of Design Time
  • PFM/PWM mode
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • OverTemperature Protection
Series Load Current Input Voltage Output Voltage Max IOUT Switch Frequency
LXDC2XQ ≤3A 2.7-5.5V 1-3.3V 800mA 3MHz
LXDC55K ≤3A 2.7-5.5V .8-3.6V 3000mA 3MHz
LXDC55F ≤1.5A 4-14V .8-5.3V 1500mA 2.5MHz
LXDC2HL ≤0.6A 2.3-5.5V 1-3.3V 300-600mA 3MHz
LXDC2HN ≤0.6A 2.3-5.5V .8-4V 300-600mA 3MHz
LXDC3EP ≤1A 2.3-5.5V 1-3.3V 1000mA 4MHz
LXDC2UR ≤0.6A 2.7-5.5V 1.2-3.3V 600mA 6MHz

LXDC Boost Converter: LXDC44A Micro DC-DC Converter

Murata LXDC44A Micro DC-DC Converter is a small footprint boost converter for up to 700mA output current applications. The wide input voltage range (2.7 to 5.5V) is ideal to power portable applications like mobile phones for computer peripherals. LXDC44A utilizes an inductor-embedded ferrite substrate that reduces radiated EMI noise and conduction noise. At light load currents, the converter automatically enters PFM (Pulse Frequency Modulation) mode and keeps good conversion efficiency. When load current increases, it operates in PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) mode. The converter utilizes a quasi-constant on-time valley current mode control, which offers a fast load transient response.

More About LXDC44A

  • Small footprint boost converter for up to 700mA output current application
  • Low EMI noise by using an inductor-embedded ferrite substrate
  • Input voltage range: 2.7 to 5.5V
  • Output voltage: 5V-6V (Adjustable to one fixed voltage at factory setting: 5.0 to 6.0V)
  • Switching frequency: 3.3MHz
  • Automatic PWM/PFM mode switching for high efficiency
  • Portable applications
  • Mobile phones
  • Computer peripherals

Typical Application Circuit
Typical Application Circuit

Block Diagram
Block Diagram
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