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Murata VSLB Piezoelectric Speakers

Murata VSLBx Piezoelectric Speakers

Murata VSLBx Piezoelectric Speakers offer high quality sound with sound pressure levels exceeding 92dB in a frequency range of 200Hz to 20KHz. Utilizing ultra-thin styling in a side ventilation housing enables the ultimate thickness reduction for Piezoelectric Speakers. Magnet-free Murata VSLBx Piezoelectric Speakers eliminate iron sand inhalation problems as well as electromagnetic noise. Murata VSLBx Piezoelectric Speakers are an excellent choice for mobile phones, tablets, and other solid state audio products.

VSLBG1914E1400-T0 - 0.9 mm thickness (Waterproof)
VSLBP1913E1400-T0 - 1.2 mm thickness

  • Available for waterproof (IPX7)
  • High Quality Sound & High Sound Pressure Level
  • Side ventilation housing enables ultimate thickness reduction
  • Saves battery power
  • No magnet-free from iron sand inhalation problem
  • No electromagnetic noise
  • Hand Held Phone
  • PDA
  • Solid State Audio
  • IC Recorder
  • DSC
  • Murata
  • Audio
  • Passive Components