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Molex RJ45 Magnetic Jacks


Molex RJ45 Magnetic Modular Jacks incorporate wire-wound components (magnetics) in standard RJ45 jacks. In addition to connectivity, magnetic jacks provide signal conditioning, electromagnetic interference (EMI) compliance and electrical isolation. Magnetic modular jacks support Fast Ethernet (10/100 Base-T) and Gigabit (1000 Base-T) Ethernet applications. RJ45 Magnetic Jacks are available in Power over Ethernet (PoE) versions that support PoE functionally while allowing designers to manage power and ganged versions for high port-count gigabit switches and routers.

New! PDJack™ is the first integrated PD (Power Device) Jack in the market to combine PoE+ PD controller circuitry and bridge rectifiers with gigabit magnetics in one connector for a complete drop-in, single port solution.

Features and Benefits

Integrated magnetics

Filters common mode noise to provide signal integrity and protects PHY chip
Provides DC isolation
Offers low mode conversion

Integrated PD or PSE Design

PoE circuitry, transformers, chokes, capacitors and resistors, and other components with the connector
Eliminates complex design and testing, reduces time-to-market, saves PCB space

Fully shielded designs

Advanced EMI and ESD protection

Non PoE/ PoE / PoE+ options

Provides flexibility for a variety of design applications

IEEE 802.3 compliant

Ethernet 10/100/1000 compatible

IEEE 802.3af compliant

Power over Ethernet compatible

 IEEE 802.3at compliant  Power over Ethernet Plus compatible

  • Datacomm/ telecommunications
    • PoE power injectors
    • Low PoE port-count switches
    • Server peripheral communication and power
  • Security
    • IP enabled devices (security devices)
    • Wireless access points
  • Industrial
    • Building automation
  • Consumer / Small Office/ Home Office
    • Desktop computers
    • Set-top boxes

  Molex RJ45 Magnetic Modular Jacks

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The single-port RJ45 magnetic jacks offered by Molex support Gigabit Ethernet in accordance with IEEE802.3at, and are drop-in solutions for a wide range of applications in data/telecom, networking and home entertainment applications.

The single-port  85793 Series Gigabit RJ45 Magnetic Jacks with integrated gigabit magnetics provide LEDs in multiple colors to meet design requirements.

Part Number
LED Color - Right
LED Color - Right
85793-1001 Gigabit
Green Green
85793-1003 Green Green / Orange
85793-1006 Yellow Green
85793-1007 Green Green / Yellow
85793-1012 Green Yellow / Green
85793-1013 Yellow / Green Yellow / Green
Molex Gigabit RJ45 Magnetic Jack

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Gigabit PoE

The single-port 85789 Series Gigabit PoE (Power over Ethernet) Enabled RJ46 Magnetic Jacks offer integrated gigabit PoE magnetics and multiple LEDs. The design includes four extra pins, allowing the designer to connect PoE circuitry to power PDs (Power Devices), such as security cameras or VOIP phones. This connector can also deliver power from a PSE, (Power Sourcing Equipment) such as a switch or router. The 85789 Series meets the PoE Plus 30Watt IEEE802.3at standard with backward compatibility to the 15Watt IEEE802.3af standard.

Part Number
LED Color - Right
LED Color - Right
Gigabit PoE + Enabled
Green Green
Green Green / Orange
Yellow Green

Buy Molex Gigabit PoE Plus Enabled RJ45 Magnetic Jack

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Multi port / Ganged

The multi-port 85728 series, 12-port and 85727, 8-port Gigabit Magnetic Jacks with integrated gigabit magnetics are designed for use in high port-count gigabit switches and routers.

The modules are designed with through-hole pins for wave soldering. Transmission is according to the IEEE802.3ab standard.

Features and Benefits

Ganged 12-port and 8-port RJ45 modules

High-density port-count. Lower placement costs.

Compliant with IEEE802.3ab standard

Capable of 10/100/1000Mbit transmission

Gigabit magnetics compatible with a variety of Gigabit Ethernet transceiver PHYs

Proven parametric and EMI solution for main PHY vendors

Industry-standard footprint

Drop-in replacement for competitor products; second source for customer

Two single- or bi-colour LEDs per port

Supports multiple status indicators and color requirements

Fully parametric, HiPot and DC tested modules with excellent EMI filtering

Ensures high reliability and low yield-loss in customer applications Easier IEEE and regulatory qualifications

Part Number
LED Color - Right
LED Color - Right
8-Port (2x4)  Gigabit Magnetics
Green Yellow
12-Port (2x6)  Green Yellow

  • Gigabit Ethernet Switch and router applications:
    • Datacom / telecommunications
    • Industrial networking
    • Consumer / small office / home office

 Molex Ganged RJ45 Magnetic Jacks

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NEW! PDJack™

Molex POE Plus RJ45 Magnetic PDJack™ is the market's first integrated PD (Power Device) Jack to combine a PoE+ PD controller and bridge rectifiers with gigabit magnetics in one connector for a complete drop-in, single port solution. PDJack simplifies PoE Plus implementation for any network device and achieves considerable PCB space savings. Positioned on the PCB, the PDJack provides 54 volt power of up to 25.5 watts. Two pins are for output power and standard signal pins provide Ethernet connectivity. Additional pins allow power-up of an external DC to DC converter. The PDJack manages all the communications with the switch/router PoE controllers, negotiating power requirements and managing safe power-up and power down of PD devices such as IP phones, IP cameras, wireless access points, control panels, vision systems and point of sale (POS) units.

Features and Benefits

PoE integrated circuit included

All PoE functionality achieved within connector; no PoE circuitry required on customer PCB. No PoE knowledge or experience required by the customer. Up to 75% board space saving vs. discrete solutions.

Bridge rectifiers to accommodate all Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) types

As required for IEEE compliance to support functions of all PoE PSE types

Detection and classification circuitry fully IEEE802.3at compliant

Eliminates complex design and testing resulting in faster time-to-market, reduced investment, lower direct and associated purchasing and production costs

Robust ESD and EMI (electro-magnetic interference) design

Fully shielded connector with integrated electro-static discharge (ESD) protection

Efficient thermal design

Suitable for wide operating temperature range and passive airflow environments

Gigabit Ethernet magnetics with common-mode choke

Designed to operate with industry-leading PHY chip vendors at 10/100/1000 Mbps

Connectors are available in Class 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4

Allows customers to limit the power output of the connector to 25.5 watts

 Through-hole pins  Suitable for wave-soldering

  • Telecommunication
    • IP phones/telephony
    • IP cameras
    • Wireless access points
    • Broadband/microwave antenna
  • Commercial
    • Point of sale (POS) devices
    • Home automation interface panels
  • Industrial
    • Control panels (climate control, door access)
    • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
    • Vision systems
    • Sensors

 Molex POE Plus RJ45 Magnetic PDJack™

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