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Molex USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Type A Connectors

Molex USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Type A Connectors

Molex USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed) Type A Connectors provide reliable connectivity while meeting USB 3.0 High-Durability Class requirements of 5,000 mating cycles. These USB 3.0 connectors are halogen-free for environmental sustainability and support high, IR reflow temperatures of up to 255ºC while maintaining solder mount compatibility. These Molex connectors come in on-board style, top- or reverse-mount, upright, and vertical orientations. Dual-stacked versions are available for additional mating requirements. Also available are reverse, mid-mount style (or sink-type) receptacles with contact heights that range from 0.36 to 2.04mm for space-saving and low-profile height applications.

Features and Benefits
  • Meets High-Durability-Class (5000 mating cycles) requirements of USB 3.0 specifications
    • Sustains robust, reliable connectivity over high frequencies of mating and unmating
  • Meets all USB 3.0 specifications
    • Provides faster data rates of up to 10 times the theoretical speed of USB 2.0 with improved custom power distribution (that is, ensures devices are sufficiently powered when required)
  • High-temperature, halogen-free plastic material used in housing
    • Withstands IR reflow temperatures of up to 255°C while maintaining solder-mount compatibility in application processes
  • A variety of PCB-mount designs in upright, vertical and right-angle orientation
    • Gives greater design flexibility and higher degree of design freedom to customers
  • Wide range of contact heights (from 0.36 to 6.09mm)
    • For greater vertical space-savings in low-profile and other applications
  • Standard blue color-coded housings
    • Distinguishes USB 3.0 connectors from USB 2.0 versions
  • Data/Computing
    • High-end Computing
    • Personal Computers
    • Hard/Optical Disk Drives
  • Consumer/Home Appliance
    • Fitness
    • Home Appliances
    • Home Entertainment
    • Home Office
    • Home Security
  • Automotive
    • Comfort, Infotainment and Driver Assist

Molex Video: USB 3.0 Product Spotlight

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