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Molex Optical EMI Shielding Adapters

Molex Optical EMI Shielding Adapters

Molex Optical EMI Shielding Adapters are designed to address mechanical-design requirements limiting EMI and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) emissions from front panels or enclosures. The adapters are constructed of either all die-cast housings or as a half die-cast, half polymer housing. Housings have an EMI gasket that seals the adapters to the panel. EMI adapters increase the shielding effectiveness while enhancing the front panel aesthetics compared to traditional plastic adapters. Molex’s extensive EMI shielding adapters include LC, SC and MTP/MPO, which include Universal, Multi-Format and Swivel options.

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  • Die-cast adapter housings - Provide superior shielding effectiveness
  • Safety shutters included - Provides dust protection, eye safety and reduces EMI when no connector is installed
  • EMI gaskets included - Creates an EMI seal between the adapter and the mounting surface
  • Screw or snap-mount styles available - Provides mounting flexibility
  • Straight or 45° mounting orientation - Allows for lower cable exit profile
  • Swivel EMI adapters - Provides design flexibiity by allowing the re-positioning of the cable-exit angle
  • Universal EMI adapters - Allows customers to interchange half of the optical interface
  • Multi-Format EMI adapters - Provides users with one adapter interface for three connector styles
  • Aerospace and Defense - Avionics, Communications, Data switches
  • Data/Communications - Routers, Servers, Storage, Test equipment
  • Medical - Diagnostic equipment, Equipment consols/testing, Junction boxes, Wall plates
  • Telecommunications - Base stations, High-speed line-cards, ROADM Systems, Routers
  • Servers, Storage - ATM, Test equipment, Wireless antennas
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