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Molex iPass+ zHD Vertical Connectors

Molex iPass+™ zHD Vertical Connectors

Molex iPass+ zHD Vertical Connectors

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Molex iPass+™ zHD Vertical Connectors operate at SAS-3 and Projected SAS-4 high-speed bandwidths. These low-profile Molex connectors drive next generation data rates and port densities, improving system airflow and signal integrity by eliminating mid-plane connections. Molex iPass+ zHD Connectors are 0.75mm pitch vertical connectors feature a robust and secure connection and are scalable up to 96Gbps data rates (24Gbps over four lanes). The vertical press-fit iPass+ zHD connector nearly doubles the number of ports on the PCB compared to conventional iPass connectors. One-step placement reduces cost and time associated with the wave solder process. These iPass+ zHD connectors mate to all current miniSAS HD (Molex iPass+ HD) passive copper, active copper, and optical cable assemblies. A positive locking latch ensures secure mating retention to cable assemblies. Available in multiple configurations (1-by-1, 1-by-2, 1-by-4), these versatile press-fit iPass+ zHD connectors accommodate a range of high density data and networking applications.

  • Meets SAS-3 and projected SAS-4 high-density requirements
    • Provides nearly double the number of QSFP+ ports
  • Data rates scalable up to 96 Gbps (24 Gbps over 4 lanes)
    • Supports projected SAS-4 high-speed data rates
  • Vertical, low-profile press-fit connection on the PCB
    • Provides a robust and secure connection and excellent signal integrity (SI)
    • One-step placement eliminates cost and time associated with wave solder process
    • Improves system airflow and reduces board-space constraints by eliminating midplane connectors
    • Flexible design for use with midplane connectors if required
  • Waferized design with optimized PCB footprint
    • Provides low insertion loss (IL), low integrated cross-talk noise (ICN), low return loss (RL) and minimal performance variation across all high-speed channels
  • Positive locking latch
    • Improved latch ensures secure mating retention to cable assemblies
  • Multiple versions available (1-by-1, 1-by-2, 1-by-4)
    • Provides design flexibility
  • Mates to all current miniSAS HD cable products
    • Backward compatible with industry standard iPass+ HD (also referred to as miniSAS HD) passive copper, active copper and optical cable assemblies

  • Server/Storage
    • HBAs (Host Bus Adapters) servers
    • Host system boards
    • Storage racks
    • Switches
    • Blades
    • Storage bridge bay
    • RAIDs (Redundant Array of Individual Disks)
    • JBODs (Just a Bunch of Disks)
  • Computer Applications
    • Tower and rack-mount computers
    • Work stations

1U Server
1U Server

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Molex iPass+ HD Interconnect System

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Molex iPass+™ HD Interconnect System offers low-power optical consumption and long reaches up to 100m. Molex iPass+ HD system, referenced as mini-SAS HD in the SAS 2.1 standard, meets SAS-3 next-generation speed and density requirements. The low-profile system provides 4x and 8x cable-plug options, and the external I/O connectors include eight sideband signals per 4x port. These additional signals enable active copper and optical cables, as well as active pluggable modules for extended-length applications in data centers. iPass+ HD connectors mate to all current mini-SAS HD cable assemblies, and the Active Optical Cables (AOCs) reach up to 100m with low-power consumption while reducing cable-management challenges. Additionally, these connectors and cables are the chosen interface for the PCI Express (PCIe) External Cable Work Group's Generation 3 Cable specification.

  • Active Optical Cables (AOCs) are compliant to SAS 3.0 and SAS 2.1 (optical) up to 100 meters in length
    • Enables storage companies to deploy larger systems. Allows customers to scale up with added storage up to 100 meters from the controller
  • Fully integrated press-fit receptacle design
    • Provides one-step placement to PCB
  • Connectors mate to 4x or 8x passive and optical cable assemblies
    • Capability to extend copper cable reach with active cabling
  • Cables are compliant with SAS-3 (12Gbps) systems with optical-mode capability InfiniBand† (10Gbps), Ethernet (10Gbps) and other protocols
    • Meets next-generation as well as many existing industry standards
  • Data/Communications
    • RAID (Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks)
    • Workstations
  • Networking
    • Rack-mount server
    • Servers
    • Storage rack
  • Telecommunications
    • Switches

Molex Video: iPass HD Active Optical Cable

iPass HD interconnects

iPass HD interconnects
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