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Molex Imperium™ HVHC Connector System
Molex Imperium™ HVHC Connector System

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Molex Imperium™ HVHC Connector System

Molex Imperium™ High Voltage/High Current (HVHC) Connector System safely operates in extreme shock and vibration conditions found in the hybrid-electric and electrification commercial vehicle markets. Imperium HVHC Connector system is IP69 rated and delivers superior shielding and current density. It is available in 8.00 and 11.00mm diameter and is capable of handling an industry-leading 1000V and 250.0A per contact. An integrated MX150™ High-Voltage Interlock Loop crimp terminal (HVIL) eliminates high-voltage arcing during disconnects, ensuring the safety of operators and eliminating the need for an additional connector. This Molex connector system is fully sealed to IP69 while mated, ensuring safe operation from fluids in harsh environments.

Features and Benefits
  • Capable of handling up to 1000V and 250.0A per contact
    • Safely operates at high voltage and amperage
  • Integrated MX150™ High-Voltage Interlock Loop (HVIL) crimp terminal
    • Eliminates high-voltage arcing during disconnects
    • Ensures safety of operators
    • Eliminates need for additional connector (First Break Last Mate)
  • Closed-loop 360-degree shield design with grounding tabs
    • Contains EMI and RFI for in-vehicle communications
  • Fully sealed to IP69 while mated
    • Ensures safe operation from fluids in harsh environments
  • Rugged integrated shield design
    • Provides effective end-of-life shielding
    • Withstands extreme shock and vibration
  • Compression-face seal
    • Reduces enclosure machining costs
    • Compatible with casted enclosures and low-cost sheet metal versions
Features and Benefits (Continued)
  • Header face shield with redundant grounding tabs
    • Simplifies grounding process for device manufacturers
  • Robust solid, one-piece contacts (in plug and receptacle)
    • Reduces contact resistance for lower power loss
  • Protective, insulated plug and receptacle contact caps
    • Meets touch-proof industry safety requirements

  • Commercial Vehicle
    • DC to DC Converters
    • Inverters
    • Electric bus
    • Electric motor
    • High current batteries
  • Hybrid / Electric vehicles
  • Military ground vehicles

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