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Molex EXTreme Ten60Power™ High-Current Connectors

Molex EXTreme Ten60Power™ High-Current Connectors

Molex EXTreme Ten60Power™ High-Current Connectors are hybrid power and signal devices that achieve up to 260.0A per linear inch and faster response times. EXTreme Ten60Power High-Current Connectors are designed for applications that require high current density and low power loss. Designed as a higher-current and lower profile power interconnect than existing connectors, Molex EXTreme Ten60Power provides maximum current-to-length ratio packaged in a low-profile, 10.00mm height housing that enhances system airflow within the power system. Both the plug and receptacle utilize reliable, proven Molex power and signal contact designs.

Shared Features
  • Low-profile design: 10.00mm height
    • Enhances system airflow
  • Standard power blades are rated up to 60.0A per blade at a 30°C T-rise
    • Provides 260.0A per linear inch, ensuring maximum current-to-length ratio
  • Available in 1 through 9 circuit split-blade power modules, 1 through 10 circuit standard power blade modules, 6 though 60 circuit signal modules; either end-mount or top-mount guidance
    • Modules can be configured to accommodate virtually any design application
  • Modular assembly (modules can be arranged in virtually any configuration and added together)
    • Additional circuit configurations can be achieved

Split-Blade Power Module Features
  • Isolated split mated contacts with dielectric LCP plastic (each split-blade terminal carries a 30.0A current rating at 30°C T-rise)
    • Shortens the distance between energized power contacts resulting in faster response times, lower overall impedance, and capacitance benefits.
    • Increases power contact granularity if the customer does not need the standard, full 60.0A current rating for all power contacts
  • Modular design; custom hybrid assemblies based on standard power and signal components
    • Integrates into hybrid EXTreme Ten60Power assemblies along with standard power modules and signal modules to meet customers' specific requirements

5-Row Signal Module Features
  • 2.00 by 1.65mm pitch signal spacing
    • Saves over 10.00mm space when using a 25-signal module versus the original EXTreme Ten60Power High-Current Connector with 24-signal modules.
    • For use in more critical space-constrained applications
  • Through-hole versions available in right-angle plug and receptacles; press-fit versions available in right-angle plug and receptacles and vertical receptacles
    • Provides excellent design flexibility
3-Row Signal Module Features
  • 2.54 by 2.54mm pitch signal spacing
    • Provides design flexibility

Mechanical Specifications
  • Pitch - Original 3-Row Connectors:
    • Power - 5.50mm (DC) or 7.50mm (AC)
    • Signal - 2.54 by 2.45mm
  • Pitch: High-Density Signal 5-Row Connectors:
    • Power - 5.50mm (DC) or 7.50mm (AC)
    • Signal - 2.00 by 1.65mm
  • Mating Force (max. per circuit) - Power Contacts:
    • Vertical Receptacle - 764g
    • Right-Angle Receptacle - 460g
    • Signal Contacts - 75g
  • Un-mating Force (min. per circuit) - Power Contacts:
    • Vertical Receptacle - 340g
    • Right-Angle Receptacle - 235g
    • Signal Contacts - 30g
  • Durability: 200 cycles

Electrical Specifications
  • Voltage:
    • Power — 600V max.
    • Signal — 250V max.
  • Current:
    • Power — 60.0A max.
    • Signal — 2.5A max.
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 1500V
  • Insulation Resistance (min.): 5000MΩ

  • Industrial
    • Industrial Controllers
  • Networking
    • 1 and 2 Rack Unit (RU) modular enclosures
    • Chassis-based systems
    • Coplanar board-to-board power applications
    • Power Supplies
    • Servers
  • Telecommunications
    • Routers
  • Molex