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Molex Kits
Molex, the Connector Kit Specialist

Molex is offering pre-packaged design kits that include all the necessary parts for a particular connector product, solution , or application. The wide selection of design kits, available for immediate shipping, provide design engineers, technicians, maintenance repair, and operations personnel and university students all of the convenience of having what they need,when they need it, in a cost-effective kit .

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Industrial Connectivity
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Good Crimps
Molex eLearning: Good Crimps and How to Recognize Them

Learn More About Mini-Fit Jr. Connector Kits

Molex Solutions

Molex offers innovative connector kits that provide solutions to virtually any interconnect challenge. With comprehensive solutions for anti-tangle, blind mate, environmentally sealed, high speed, power, space saving, and more, Molex is sure to have a connector kit to meet your design or after market needs.

Blind-Mate Connectors

Board-to-Board Connectors

Flex Off the Board Connectors

Free Hanging Connectors

Heat Shrink Tubing

High Speed Connectors

High Speed I/O Connectors

I/O Connectors

Maintenance, Repair & Operation

Off the Board & Free Hanging

Off the Board Connectors

Off the Board Terminal Blocks

Power Connectors

Radio Frequency (RF) Connectors

Sealed Connectors

Signal Connectors

Molex Connector Types

As your connector kit specialist, Molex offers a variety of connector types for virtually any interconnect application. Connector types range from wire-to-board , wire- to-wire , board- to-board , solderless terminals, terminal blocks, and more. Molex is sure to have a connector kit to meet your design or aftermarket needs.

Board-to-Board Kits

Flex-to-Board Kits

I/O Kits

I/O Wire-to-Board Kits

Industrial Kits

Radio Frequency (RF) Kits

Solderless Terminal Kits

Terminal Block Kits

Wire Management Kits

Wire-to-Board Kits

Wire-to-Direct Kits

Wire-to-Wire Kits

Molex Connector Families

Molex offers a comprehensive range of connector kits from over 70 unique Molex connector families. These connector kits are well suited for design engineers, technicians, maintenance, repair, and operation personnel, hobbyists, and students.

Molex 2.00 mm Kits

Molex Beau® Eurostyle® Kits
Molex C-Grid III™ Kits
2.00mm Family

Molex CLIK-Mate™ 1.25mm Kits
Molex CLIK-Mate™ 2.0mm Kits
Molex Disk Drive Kits
CLIK-Mate Family

Disc Drive Family

Molex DisplayPort Kits
Molex EBBI™ 50D Kits
Molex ESE Kits
DisplayPort Family

EBBI 50D Family

Molex Eurostyle™ Barrier Strip Kits
Molex EXTreme PowerEdge™ Kits
Molex EXTreme ZPower™ Kits
EuroStyle Barrier Strip Family

EXTreme Power Edge

EXTreme ZPower

Molex FFC/FPC Kits
Molex FPC Kits
Molex HandyLink ® Kits

Molex HCS-125 Kits
Molex iGrid™ Kits
Molex iPass™ Kits

Molex KK®-100 Kits
Molex KK®-156 Kits
Molex LFH™ Kits

Molex MarKK™ Kits
Molex Micro-Change® Kits
Molex Micro-Fit 3.0™ Kits

Molex Micro-Latch™ Kits
Molex Micro-Blade™ Kits
Molex MicroClasp™ Kits

Molex Milli-Grid™ Kits
Molex Mini Mi II™ Kits
Molex Mini-Fit BMI™ Kits

Molex Mini-Fit Jr.™ Kits
Molex Mini-Fit RTC™ Kits
Molex Mini-Fit Sr.™ Kits

Molex MLX™ Kits
Molex Multi A/V™ Kits
Molex Multi BMI™ Kits

Molex Multi splash proof Kits
Molex Multi-Lock Kits
Molex Multiple Family Kits

Molex MV-396™ Kits
Molex MX150™ Kits
Molex MX150L™ Kits

Molex Nano-Change® Kits
Molex PanelMate™ Kits
Molex Perma-Fit™ Kits

Molex Perma-Seal™ Kits
Molex Pico-SPOX™ Kits
Molex PicoBlade™ Kits

Molex Picoflex® Kits
Molex Plateau HS Mezz™ Kits
Molex Quick Disconnect Kits

Molex Radio Frequency (RF) Kits
Molex Ring Splice Kits
Molex RJ45 Kits

Molex Sabre Kits
Molex SCPC Kits
Molex Searay Kits

Molex Searay Slim Kits
Molex Serial ATA Kits
Molex Sherlock™ Kits

Molex Solderless Terminal Kits
Molex Splash Proof Kits
Molex SPOX BMI™ Kits

Molex Standard .062 Kits
Molex Standard .093 Kits
Molex TDP® Triad® Kits

Molex USB Kits
Molex USB and RJ45 Kits
Molex XRC™ Kits

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