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mikroElektronika EasyPIC™ v7 Development Board

mikroElektronika EasyPIC™ v7
Development Board

mikroElektronika EasyPIC™ v7 Development Board is the seventh generation of the EasyPIC development board. It is equipped with many on-board modules, including mikroProg™ - fast programmer with mikroICD™ (In-Circuit Debugger) support. mikroElektronika EasyPIC™ v7 Development Board is all about connectivity, with four different connectors for each port, so the user can easily connect accessory boards, sensors, and custom electronics. The powerful on-board mikroProg programmer and In-Circuit debugger can program and debug over 250 PIC microcontrollers, and supports both 3.3V and 5V MCUs. The EasyPIC™ v7 also features the more powerful PIC18F45K22 with 16 MIPS operation, 64Kb of linear program memory, 3896 bytes of linear data memory, and support for a wide range of power supply from 1.8V to 5V. This chip offers many modules including 36 General purpose I/O pins, 30 Analog Input pins (AD), Digital-To-Analog Converter (DAC), support for Capacitive Touch Sensing using Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU), three 8-bit timers, and four 16-bit timers. It also has pair each of SPI, I2C, CCP, and Comparator modules.

  • mikroProg™ programmer
  • mikroICD™ - In-Circuit Debugger
  • PIC18F45K22 chip
  • Power supply: 7-23V AC or 9-32V DC or via USB cable (5V DC)
  • Power consumption: ~85mA when all peripheral modules are disconnected
  • Board dimensions: 266 x 220mm (10.47 x 8.66in)
Package Contents
Package Contents

  • mikroElektronika
  • Development Tools