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MikroElektronika UNI-DS6 Development System & mikroBoards

MikroElektronika UNI-DS6
Development System & mikroBoards

MikroElektronika UNI-DS6 Development System provides a development environment for programming and experimenting with various microcontrollers from different manufacturers. MikroElektronika UNI-DS6 Development System is a full-featured universal development environment which supports 7 different microcontroller architectures with MikroBoards which can also be used as standalone devices. The UNI-DS6 Dev Board is equipped with many on-board modules, such as a 128x64 graphic LCD display, 2x16 alphanumeric LCD display, piezo buzzer, USB-UART, etc., which provide great power and flexibility for creating or testing prototypes.

The MikroElektronika MikroBoards have integrated programmers, power regulators, and reset circuits, as well as prototyping sections. They are compact, carefully designed, and firmly fit into the double row connectors. Each MikroBoard can be used as a standalone development platform that can be integrated easily into a final product.

Dev System Part Number  USB Cable
Resources Description
 MIKROE-701  no   User's Manual
 UNI-DS6 Development System
 mikroBoard Part Number
 USB Cable
 Datasheet  MCU
MIKROE-702  yes Microchip PIC16F887
MIKROE-703  yes Atmel AT89S8253
MIKROE-704  yes Cypress CY8C27643
MIKROE-705  yes Microchip dsPIC30F6014A
MIKROE-706  yes Atmel ATmega128
MIKROE-649  yes NXP LPC2148
MIKROE-650  yes NXP LPC2214
UNI-DS6 Dev System Includes
  • Development system: UNI-DS6
  • Product CD with relevant software
  • Documentation: manual and electrical schematic for UNI-DS6
UNI-DS6 Dev System Specifications
  • Power supply: over an AC/DC connector (7-23V AC or 9-32V DC) or a USB cable (5V DC)
  • Power consumption: 50mA when all on-board modules are off
  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 22cm
  • Weight: ~420g
UNI-DS6 Dev System Key Features
  • 1. Power supply module
  • 2. ADC input
  • 3. USB UART1 module
  • 4. USB UART2 module
  • 5. USB communication connector
  • 6. LCD2x16 display contrast potentiometer
  • 7. mikroBoard socket
  • 8. Jumpers used to select pull-up/pull-down resistors
  • 9. DIP switches for enabling pull-up/pull-down resistors
  • 10. I/O ports
  • 11. GLCD contrast potentiometer
  • 12. Touch panel controller

  • 13. GLCD display connector
  • 14. Touch panel connector
  • 15. DIP switches for enabling on-board modules
  • 16. Push buttons
  • 17. Jumper used to shorten protective resistor
  • 18. Jumpers used to select push buttons' logic state
  • 19. MMC/SD card connector
  • 20. Socket for DS1820 temperature sensor
  • 21. Piezo buzzer
  • 22. LEDs
  • 23. Serial EEPROM module
  • 24. LCD display connector
UNI-DS6 Board Key Features

  • MikroElektronika
  • Development Tools