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Micropelt TE-CORE RF ThermoHarvesting Wireless Sensor System

Micropelt TE-CORE RF ThermoHarvesting Wireless Sensor System

Micropelt TE-CORE RF ThermoHarvesting Wireless Sensor System is a complete thermo-powered, self-sufficient wireless sensor node system (WSN). It is based on an energy harvesting module with a power management function, which converts locally available waste heat thermoelectrically to indefinite free electric energy. A wireless sensor module is connected to the TE-CORE RF and is equipped with Texas Instruments (TI) ultra-low power technology (CC2530). A temperature difference of as little as 10ºC between a hot surface and ambient air is enough for the TE-CORE RF to make a temperature measurement and a radio transmission every two seconds. Information about the thermal profile of the heat source, the generated output power, the thermal generator output voltage, the energy storage voltage and battery equivalent are displayed via a USB receiver and PC application software.

  • Operates from temperature differentials of < 10⁰C between a surface and ambient
  • Connector for pre-certified radio modules
  • Standard equipped with pre-qualified ESTI EN 300 440-2 V1.4.1, iM222A Zigbee Network Processor of IMST, operating in 2.4GHz ISM band
  • iM222a is based on TI CC2530 SoC, tailored for IEEE 802.15.4 and Zigbee
  • Application software TE-Power SCOPE for thermal and electrical evaluation and simulation
  • Duty-cycle 2 seconds
  • Average energy consumption is < 90µW
  • Interfaces available: I2C, SPI, GPIOs, and JTAG
  • High-efficiency low-cost DC-DC booster
  • Supports Micropelt thermogenerator packages: TGP-751 (TE-CORE7 /RF) and TGP-651 (TE-CORE6 /RF)
  • RoHA compliant
  • Wireless sensors & sensor networks (WSN)
  • Autonomous intelligent valves
  • Industrial process control & condition monitoring
  • Thermal event logging & alerting
  • Smart metering
  • Remote sensing & tracking
Block Diagram
Block Diagram
Main Components

Main Components

  • Micropelt
  • Power Management|Wireless
  • Embedded Solutions