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Microchip Technology
PIC18F K90 nanoWatt XLP MCUs

The Microchip Technology PIC18F K90 is the industry's first and only low-power, 5V 8-bit microcontroller ( MCU ) family that includes an on-chip LCD driver module and 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC). These new Microchip Technology MCU s feature nanoWatt XLP(extreme low power) technology for with industry-leading sleep currents down to 20 nA. Microchip Technology PIC18F K90 nanoWatt XLP MCU s are available in 64- and 80-pin packages, with memory options ranging from 32 KB to 128 KB of Flash memory, up to 4 KB of RAM, and 1 KB of on-chip EEPROM. With 24 channels of mTouch™ capacitive touch sensing, these MCU s enable higher system integration by combining the capability to sense a large number of capacitive touch sliders, buttons, and keys with the ability to drive large, segmented LCDs. PIC18F K90 MCU s are well-suited for applications in the home automation, appliance, industrial, medical, and automotive markets, among others.

Device Family
Datasheet Flash Memory
Pins RAM
PIC18F65K90-I/MR 32kB
PIC18F87K90-E/PT 128KB
PIC18F87K90-I/PT 128kB
MA180027 Plug-In Module for easy development of LCD applications. Can be used with PICDEM LCD 2 Demo Board, or stand alone in a custom application.
DM163030 PICDEM LCD 2 Demonstration Board shows the main features of Microchips 28-, 40-, 64-, and 80-pin LCD Flash PIC MCUs including the LCD voltage booster and contrast controller. It is populated with the PIC18F85J90. Other devices are supported via a transition socket (not included). A sample LCD glass display is included for custom prototyping. The glass features 7-segment displays, wipers, thermometers, star bursts, and other common icons. This product is also part of the HumanInterface Program.
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Power Consumption

Microchip 's nanoWatt Technology contains extensive features which are designed to reduce overall power consumption by providing flexible, yet powerful power management solutions for your application.

  • Static power is the power consumed while the application is not active (Sleep). This power dissipation comes from transistor leakage inherent in CMOS processes, real-time clocks necessary for time keeping which run during sleep, system voltage supervisors, and watch-dog timer circuits.
  • Active power is the power consumed while the application is active and executing tasks. This power dissipation is dominated by CMOS switching currents which are sensitive to execution frequency and voltage. Other power is consumed by the peripherals running on the product (like ADCs), or the state of the output pins.
  • Average power is the power consumed when operating in both static and active operation states over time. The average power is affected by the amount of time spent in each state, as well as the time required to switch between sleep and active. This transfer time is referred to as fast wake-up.

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