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Microchip Technology PIC18F4xK20 Flash MCUs

Microchip Technology PIC18F4xK20 Flash MCUs

Microchip Technology PIC18F4xK20 Flash Microcontrollers offer the advantages of PIC18 MCUs with the addition of high-endurance Flash program memory. Microchip PIC18F4xK20 MCUs are available with 28- and 40/44-pin packages and Flash memory up to 64KB. Microchip PIC18FK4xK20 are nanoWatt XLP MCUs that incorporate a range of features that can significantly reduce power consumption during operation, including alternate run modes, multiple idle modes, on-the-fly mode switching, and low consumption in key modules. The design enhancements included in these Microchip Technology devices make them ideal for many high-performance, power-sensitive applications.

  • High-Performance RISC CPU:
    • C Compiler Optimized Architecture:
      • Optional extended instruction set designed to optimize re-entrant code
    • Up to 1024 bytes Data EEPROM
    • Up to 64 Kbytes Linear Program Memory Addressing
  • Flexible Oscillator Structure:
    • Precision 16 MHz Internal Oscillator Block:
      • Factory calibrated to ± 1%
      • Software selectable frequencies range of 31 kHz to 16 MHz
  • Special Microcontroller Features:
    • Operating Voltage Range: 1.8V to 3.6V
    • Self-Programmable under Software Control
    • Programmable 16-Level High/Low-Voltage Detection (HLVD) module:
      • Interrupt on High/Low-Voltage Detection
  • Extreme Low-Power Management with nanoWatt XLP:
    • Sleep mode: <100nA @ 1.8V
    • Watchdog Timer: <800nA @ 1.8V
    • Timer1 Oscillator: <800nA @ 32kHz and 1.8V
  • Analog Features:
    • Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) module:
      • 10-bit resolution, 13 External Channels
      • Auto-acquisition capability
      • Conversion available during Sleep
      • 1.2V Fixed Voltage Reference (FVR) channel
      • Independent input multiplexing
    • Analog Comparator module:
      • Two rail-to-rail analog comparators
      • Independent input multiplexing
  • Peripheral Highlights:
    • Up to 35 I/O Pins plus 1 Input-only Pin:
      • High-Current Sink/Source 25 mA/25 mA
      • Three programmable external interrupts
Part Number Flash (KB) SRAM (B) EEPROM (B)
PIC18F43K20 8 512 256
PIC18F44K20 16 768 256
PIC18F45K20 32 1536 256
PIC18F46K20 64 3936 1024

Block Diagram

Block Diagram
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