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Microchip Technology PIC16LF190x 8-Bit Flash Microcontrollers

Microchip Technology PIC16LF190x 8-Bit Flash MCUs

Microchip Technology PIC16LF190x 8-Bit Flash Microcontrollers support a variety of general-purpose applications and enable the implementation of LCDs into low-power and cost-sensitive designs, such as security tokens, smart cards, medical devices, home appliances, key fobs, or any applications involving a segmented LCD. Featuring eXtreme Low Power (XLP) technology for sleep currents down to 20nA and a typical active current of 35µA, these Microchip MCUs extend battery life while maintaining accurate timing with an RTC and driving a segmented LCD. The PIC16LF190x family provides fundamental features and performance without the added cost of unused peripherals. Microchip PIC16LF190x MCUs provide an optimized feature set, including up to 14KB of Flash program memory, up to 512 Bytes of RAM, up to 14 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) channels, serial communication, temperature indicator, and the capability to drive up to 116 LCD segments.

  • Enhanced Mid-Range Architecture - Paired with the low power 16 MHz internal oscillator, performance is increased while minimizing power usage.
  • Human Interface - Up to 116 LCD segment drive and the ability to implement capacitive touch buttons via the mTouch ADC method.
  • Special Capabilities
    • Integrated Temperature Indicator - For low cost temperature measurements
    • Real Time Clock (RTC) - Low power RTC utilizing internal low power Timer1 oscillator with 32 kHz crystal
    • Low Voltage Detect (LVD) - Provides real time battery voltage measurements and early warning low voltage detection
    • Operation Down to 0.35V - Utilize the MCP1624 to power any application from a single battery cell
    • Non-Volatile Data Storage - Self-write Flash program memory for emulated data EEPROM
  • Industry Leading Low Power - nanoWatt XLP Technology - for extreme Low Power consumption, enabling designs to achieve world-leading battery life.
  • Smallest Form Factors - Multiple package options available including: 28-pin 4x4 UQFN and 40-pin 5x5 UQFN - both with a z-height of 0.5 mm, as well as readily available in die form.
  • Versatile - All LCD segment pins multiplexed with I/O - supporting both GP or LCD applications.
  • Migration - Simple migration to and from products such as the low cost PIC16F2X and peripheral rich PIC16F193X LCD family.
  • Security Tokens
  • Smart Cards
  • Medical Devices
  • Home Appliances
  • Any application implementing simple LCD displays
Part Number Program Memory Flash (Words) SRAM (Bytes) I/Os 10-Bit A/D (Ch)
PIC16LF1902 2048 128 25 11
PIC16LF1903 4096 256 25 11
PIC16LF1904 4096 256 36 14
PIC16LF1906 8192 512 25 11
PIC16LF1907 8192 512 36 14

Block Diagram

Block Diagram
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